QR codes for art, what a novel idea! QR codes for art can be used to share and display your art with everyone in the world. It can be used to help people connect with your art. In this blog, we’ll explore how to share and display your virtual art gallery through QR codes. 

All know that QR codes for art are making a big contribution to advertisement and information sharing or as effective marketing tools. It has the ability to connect the offline and online worlds for artists to help the audience explore new ideas by combing different mediums and proving a variety of perspectives.  

How does QR codes for Art Benefits Your Art Gallery Collections 

Create an inclusive art world

QR codes can help to create a new path in the pursuit of art. It gives you to close the gap between different locations and increase accessibility. People can simply scan the QR code artworks on mobile devices and take part in the art experience instantly.  

Label artwork with QR codes for more information

A QR code is a small, scannable label that provides additional information about an artwork.  

It is possible to generate QR codes for artwork labels. By scanning the code, your viewer can find out more about your virtual art gallery. A QR code artworks provides more information than could normally be included on a label.   

It’s perfect for museum collections and virtual art gallery. Don’t limit yourself to the space on a label or placard. Describe the artist’s intent and story in detail. 

Amplify your art with QR Codes

You don’t need an app to create an interactive space for the visitors scanning your QR code. With the QR code for art, you can add a playlist related to your artwork or you can store the artmaking in a video and share it with the QR code. The different ideas of QR codes for marketing help you to give a more amplified voice to your ideas. 

Make your collection more visible by using QR codes

QR codes for art can take people either to your Public Profile or to a private, internal page in your Artwork Archive account. 

You can drive traffic and interest to your entire collection by including a QR code on your Public Profile. QR codes for art are not only useful for providing additional information about a single artwork, but they can also serve as a link to your entire virtual art gallery collections. 

Viewers can then explore your entire profile after looking at one artwork on your Public Profile. QR codes can be used as an introduction and a simple way to engage new viewers. It begins with an QR code artworks scan and ends on social media or your website. 

When your QR code is scanned, your URL will be stored in the viewer’s phone. In the event that your viewer leaves your site with your information still in their browser history, it is likely that they will return to the site at a later date, even if it is just to close the window. 

Easily integrate it into your aesthetic

VeeSpaces QR code generator gives you the flexibility to generate your own customized QR codes for art. You can add your own style branded colors with custom frames and so on. They are adjustable to any size and image file type, so they can easily make fit any art medium you use. 

Track, measure, and plan your art performance using QR code

When it comes to print material art or any physical object, we don’t have the ability to track it. By scanning your QR codes for art, you can track any kind of progress or action between art and viewer. QR codes have changed that. 

When you use a QR Code, you can view real-time tracking data for any virtual art gallery. Metrics such as location by city and country, time scanned, operating device used, and total scans enable you to monitor how well your QR code artworks are functioning and the way that you can further develop them for the future. 

How to create a QR Code for art? 

  • Go to VeeSpaces QR Code Generator and select the type of QR Code you’d like for your art piece.  
  • Add the required field to link with your QR Codes for art. 
  • Your QR Code will be generated automatically. 
  • Customise the design of your QR Code artworks.  
  • Select colours to match your style. 
  • Select ‘Download’ to receive your QR Code file in .jpg format. 
  • Integrate your newly-created QR Code into any art piece. 

Things to Remember Before Generating Your QR Code for Art 

 When you are designing QR codes for art, there are a few things to keep in mind so that it gives the best results. 

 1. Customize your design

 It is highly recommended to customize your QR codes for art with the styling options available based on the art themes you work with. This helps the QR code artwork to match your aesthetic work. 

2. Use the appropriate size

Ensure to use the right size of QR codes for art when scanning your code and that the users can read it, it should be no smaller than 2*2. We also get different file images to download your QR code artworks to find the right size and image type based on your need. 

To get detailed perspective of how to add QR code to make your brochure most powerful, read them in this blog. 

 3. Add a CTA

Make sure to incentivize viewers to scan your QR codes for art, or else all your efforts will be wasted. Always add an explanation of what someone gains or learns from scanning one. 

QR Code for Art Use Cases 

Here are the use cases showcasing QR Code for art. 

Connect virtual art exhibition attendees to your art store 

With the QR code, you can connect your virtual art gallery attendee directly to your store. If visitors see an art piece they like, they can scan the QR codes for arts and browse your store to order.  

Promote yourself as a creative 

Social media has a huge impact on artists and how they promote their art. But what if you exhibit in the virtual world? Make a post with QR code artworks, linking with all the pertinent information that interested people can save to their phones.  

Provide more information about your art  

Get viewers into your perspective with the QR codes for art by connecting them to what inspired you to create your work? Just upload a PDF to a code attached to your art so people can dive into the story and process behind your creativity. 

Connect communities through AR 

You can connect viewers seamlessly from your art to different exhibits across the country with the QR codes for art. It connects scanners instantly so they don’t have to needlessly search to see if it is available for the smart phone operating system.  

Technology is integrated into our normal lives, so why not harness it? Whether it’s an in-person art exhibit or virtual art gallery, in-email or for your own internal use, QR codes for art are the way to seamlessly organize and share information.