What we offer

VeeSpaces is a platform for artists, galleries, museums, companies and the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art in virtual exhibitions.

  • VeeSpaces virtual exhibition software helps save big costs in terms of - materials, stays, transport, cancellations & more.
  • Reach a global audience, scale unlimited & promote your work & products internationally. With VeeSpaces virtual exhibition platform, it is now - a dream come true for all
  • VeeSpaces VR exhibition platform allows artists to showcase their premium artworks in style without even moving their masterpieces.
  • Businesses can create VR exhibitions and share their achievements, stories with a global audience in style.

Advantages of exhibiting in VR

Enhanced visibility
Share your art & products with a global audience with our VR exhibition software. Turn your website into a virtual gallery. Connect, promote, and share your exhibitions on all social media channels.
Scale your art without limits in time & space. Keep your art exhibitions live 24*7*365. Scale your expo as you go. VeeSpaces VR exhibition online allows unlimited space with multiple simultaneous art exhibitions & global reach.
Sell Global
Reach, impress and hook potential customers with VR exhibition design. Make buying easy by directly linking your art to sales or driving audiences to your websites.
Save BIG
Adopt sustainability. Secure planet resources from harmful CO2 emissions. Save a mint on other expenses such as space, rent, travel, logistics, designs, printing & associated costs.

Experience the New, Immersive, Interactive, Realistic,
3D Virtual Exhibitions with VeeSpaces

Explore the World's Best Virtual Exhibitions Platform to
Design & Recreate your Concepts from Scratch

Create 3D Virtual Exhibitions

Drive more audience with VeeSpaces VR exhibition platform. Our platform lets visitors view, explore, measure, compare and try out artworks for their homes/office spaces. Experience a naturalistic feel of space, light, surfaces, and details as you would in real life.

Build Authentic VR Spaces

Create beautiful 3D VR exhibition experiences for your audience with customized virtual spaces, banners, walls, patterns, & more.

Brand your Story for companies

Every brand has a story & the VeeSpaces virtual exhibitions platform is a perfect space to share your story with a large audience. Place focus points, direct and share your stories endlessly with your visitors.

Private Webspace

Host your events exclusively in your brand name in private & invite your guests with a unique login

Digital Twin

Create a new, lavish virtual environment or recreate your themed onsite exhibition space for your VR exhibition design. Bring your most cherished concepts to life with VeeSpaces VR exhibition software.

Art Formats

Exhibit diverse art formats such as 2D, 3D, video streaming, audio etc. Our virtual exhibitions platform supports the presentation of all art forms including paintings, photography, posters, sculptures etc in image formats.

Website Integrations

Turn your website into a VR exhibitions space instantly by integrating a small code snippet. Control your assets from a single panel & even achieve a unique domain name for your exhibition. Drive the visitors to your website.

Go Social

Connect, discover, ideate, engage & share experiences over diverse social channels. Live chat with like-minded people & experts. Build communities & engage like never before with vr exhibition online.

Immerse in VR exhibitions

Treat your audience to the most authentic VR exhibition platform experience. It works in VR Headsets devices like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, etc.

Analytics & Reports

VeeSpaces VR exhibition softwareopen architecture enables exhibitors to evaluate visitor behaviour, identify their likes & dislikes, track events, etc.

VR Exhibition Software - How it works?


Choose your VR space

Define the space of your virtual area, settings, & what features are to be enabled for your virtual exhibitions platform to create a unique experience.


Upload digital content

Upload your videos, images, text, documents etc. Select from a variety of 3D models or import your own. Add narration & business card information to create striking VR exhibition online environments.



Share your exhibitions in all social media channels, network, email & promote it. Use Website integrations feature to add this in your own website, invite your audience.

VR exhibition Platform – We Create it for you

Custom solutions for your unique needs

Consulting Services

Our team of experts review your collections and help organize your VR exhibition platform space such as curated exhibitions, according to your needs.

Choose the Design

Choose from a range of designs. Get the best advice from our experts on the suitable VR space for your needs. Also, learn how best your products can be exhibited in the VR exhibition online space.

Custom 3D Design

Our design team can create custom design of spaces based on your needs. Capture a virtual reflection of everything you see or imagine, tailor-made to your needs.

Use Cases: Who Can Benefit from VR Exhibitions Solutions?

  • Artists/Designers - Get ready to present your creative artwork in the most exquisite way with VeeSpaces virtual exhibition software. Create, share, scale & sell your designs/artworks from the comfort of your homes. Give your audience an enriched, never before experience with VeeSpaces.
  • Galleries - Present all your regular, heavy & expensive artworks via virtual exhibitions. No need to move your art pieces or invest a mint on travel, safety & presentations. With VeeSpaces virtual exhibition software, you can create your virtual art gallery in minutes, invite & share the arts with your customers, sell & even allow your audience to virtually try out the arts in their spaces.
  • Architects - Flaunt your concepts or designs or prototypes with the new virtual art exhibitions online. Share your ideas with potential prospects, customers & audiences alike.
  • Art Consultants - Showcase diverse artworks to your audience/clients just by sitting comfortably at your homes. Present a unique opportunity to all your artist clients & encourage them to try out the new virtual space for presentation, promotions & marketing.
  • Art Curators - Are you an art curator responsible for assembling, cataloguing, maintaining, and displaying artistic, historical & cultural collections? Then VeeSpaces online exhibition software is just for you. Explore a dynamic space & features to do all that you want to.
  • Companies - Create & share your brand story or history with clients, employees and partners in an artistic way. Explore the newest way to build & promote your brand authentically with our virtual exhibition software.
  • Professionals - Artists, curators, designers & leaders of the industry can now use storytelling as a professional medium to speak about achievements, history, rewards, system & many more.

Planning to Treat your Audience to a VR Exhibition Software Experience?