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Save Money, Materials & Engage your prospects 24*7

  • VeeSpaces digital business cards app eliminates the reprinting hassle and allows unlimited edits, downloads & sharing as you go.
  • Wondering how to keep all your details in a tiny card space? Add your videos, 30+ social medias links, videos, introduction text all in one card.
  • 88% of the supplied cards are not even seen after a week by your client. Create electronic business cards that can be saved automatically to their contacts, everlasting.
  • Unlike traditional business cards, you can effectively track who, when & from where viewed your digital business cards.

Benefits of Switching to Digital Business Cards

Environment friendly
Digital business cards do not require printing, which reduces the use of paper and ink. It helps to reduce waste and save natural resources.
Traditional business cards can be expensive to print, especially if you need to update your information frequently. Virtual business card maker supports multiple edits eliminating the need for reprinting.
Easy to share
Business cards electronic can be easily shared via email or social media platforms, making it easier to connect with potential clients and partners.
Improved accessibility
Digital business cards can be easily accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easier for potential clients to connect with you.

Feature-rich, Eco-friendly & Affordable Electronic Business Cards

Promote your Brand with Professionally Rich Digital Cards

Contact Sharing

Create & share your contact information with anyone, anytime, anywhere seamlessly via VeeSpaces interactive, cost-effective, and sustainable virtual business cards. It works well in all devices & browsers. Anyone can receive your digital card, even if they don't have the app.

Diverse Template Designs

Choose from a wide range of available template designs and get started. Create multiple, customized digital business cards with QR codes. We have unique designs for every reason & season. Get ready to explore the vast designs, & create unique cards for work, clients, customers, friends, etc.

QR Codes for Business Cards

Get custom QR codes designed for your business cards. Instantly share your address via social channels, emails, print medias etc. & let the audience directly connect with you.

Contactless Virtual Cards for Business

Create custom-tailored business contact cards that are contactless & germ-free. No physical contact is needed. Also, update your data in a single tap, no need for bulk orders, long waiting times & shipping etc.

Add Photo/Video

Create cards that match your brand. VeeSpaces digital business card maker enables you to add an image, video, social links, company logo to add life to your digital visiting cards.

Lead Collection Forms

Instantly collect contact information via lead collection forms while using the digital cards.

Digital Business Cards Mobile app

A better way to view your contacts. You can manage all your contacts in one place. Our Digital Business Cards app works well in iOS and Android, Web. Customize your address book by adding notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups.

Track Scans & Analytics

Easily track visitors who accessed your virtual business cards along with their details & locations.

The ultimate digital business card with CRM integrations.

1 Card, 4 Solutions

With VeeSpaces business card sharing app, you can quickly switch modes as per the situation. Get one card for sharing contacts, landing pages, lead generation & professional URL links. Get all your lead information uploaded straight to your CRM.

Contacts Manager

All the contacts captured, the leads captured through forms & QR code can be managed in contacts manager. One can use VeeSpaces Business Cards contact manager app to manage all details in one place at anywhere. Add notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups. The contacts are synced with your favourite CRMs automatically

Reports & Analytics

Enhance your bottom line & ROI by measuring key engagement & performance metrics of the audience. Optimize business growth with consistent lead & marketing strategies. Get information about what is working and what is not with VeeSpaces electronic business cards.

How It Works?



Create your branded digital card using our online digital business card maker app from scratch. Choose from the range of ready-made virtual business cards templates or design your own online digital cards with QR code from scratch



Market your business while you sleep with VeeSpaces digital cards. Add details such as website, portfolio, calendar, social links, videos, documents, testimonials, CTAs, personal messages, contacts and more.


Instant Share

Let your audience stay connected wherever you go. Share your card as a QR code, Card links via social media, contact, email signatures, WhatsApp, and more!


Manage Contacts

Add your contacts by scanning their printed cards. Customize your address book by adding notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups.



Experience a built-in analytics suite that gives an overview of the number of site visits, page views, downloads & other niche insights.

The Best Digital Business Cards Solutions for your Enterprise

Sales, Marketing & HR departments of IT, healthcare, education, Government, retail, arts & many more leading industries today are leveraging the power of digital business cards with QR code to connect & engage with their audience. Join the league now!

Branding & Card Management

Convenient and easy Dashboard to manage your employees and other assets. Change designs, marketing collateral and other permissions

Virtual Business cards for the entire team.

Set up your entire team with branded digital business cards. More affordable and eco-friendly than paper business cards, VeeSpaces Business plan gives you all the benefits of our free plan, with premium features like corporate branding, custom URLs, administrative control, and more.


Our app has integrations for Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, HR software to keep the contacts synced to avoid any manual entry. We can also custom integrate into any other software your company may need.

Support & Training

Get training and support for successful onboarding and setup. Stay ahead & achieve the desired ROI with VeeSpaces.

Who benefits from digital business cards?

  • Enterprises - Brand yourself before your clients, employees, partners and customers digitally. Veespaces has cards for every occasion.
  • HR Managers & Consultants - Create custom cards to share with your peers, client partners, internal employees or outer networking. Make your presence unique wherever you go.
  • Professionals - Share your work experience, projects or portfolio in the most unique way possible with our virtual visiting cards. Connect & grow as you share.
  • Marketing Agencies - Market your brand like a pro with our ultra-smart cards. Make new clients faster with our instantly shareable virtual visiting cards.
  • Business Card Designers - Showcase your design inspirations by creating your virtual business cards. Share it instantly via social channels & check out who loves your designs.
  • Business Card Printing Service Providers - No need for huge investments & paper purchases. Now market your business with contactless virtual visiting cards. Explore the trend and encourage your clients to adopt the new.

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