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Features that empower QR Code

Based Micro sites for your marketing

Diverse Template Designs

Choose from a wide range of available template designs and get started. We have unique designs for every reason & season. Get ready to explore the vast designs, & create unique cards.

Customize your Vee.Cards

Vee.Cards offers a range of customization options, allowing you to create a personalized and branded document sharing experience. By tailoring elements such as the title, description, URL, logo, favicon, and background image and more, you can ensure that it reflects your brand.

QR Codes for your Vee.Cards

Get custom QR codes designed for your Vee.Cards. Instantly share your address via social channels, emails, print medias etc. & let the audience directly connect with you.

Lead Collection Forms

Instantly collect contact information via lead collection forms while using the digital cards.

Contact Management:

Manage unlimited contacts of your business. Customize your address book by adding notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups.

Mobile app

A better way to view your contacts. You can manage all your contacts in one place. Our mobile app works well in iOS and Android, Web. Use the mobile app to share your vee.Cards with others instantly on-the-go.

Share anywhere

Share your Vee.Cards to any social media channel, and allow your users to create a share effect.

Embed on your website

Embedding Vee.Cards on your website enhances user experience. You can embed your Vee.Cards on your website in seconds using embed code.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Vee.Cards works seamlessly on mobile and desktop. Irrespective of where your visitors view your micro page, they will get an amazing experience.

How It Works?



Create your branded digital card using our online digital business card maker app from scratch. Choose from the range of ready-made virtual business cards templates or design your own online digital cards with QR code from scratch



Market your business while you sleep with VeeSpaces digital cards. Add details such as website, portfolio, calendar, social links, videos, documents, testimonials, CTAs, personal messages, contacts and more.


Instant Share

Let your audience stay connected wherever you go. Share your card as a QR code, Card links via social media, contact, email signatures, WhatsApp, and more!


Manage Contacts

Add your contacts by scanning their printed cards. Customize your address book by adding notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups.



Experience a built-in analytics suite that gives an overview of the number of site visits, page views, downloads & other niche insights.

Creating a digital link with Vee.Cards is free and better than a boring manual presentation.

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