Vee.Cards - Digital Business Card is for

  • Enterprises - Brand yourself before your clients, employees, partners and customers digitally. Veespaces has cards for every occasion.
  • HR Managers & Consultants - Create custom cards to share with your peers, client partners, internal employees or outer networking. Make your presence unique wherever you go.
  • Professionals - Share your work experience, projects or portfolio in the most unique way possible with our virtual visiting cards. Connect & grow as you share.
  • Marketing Agencies - Market your brand like a pro with our ultra-smart cards. Make new clients faster with our instantly shareable virtual visiting cards.
  • Business Card Designers - Showcase your design inspirations by creating your virtual business cards. Share it instantly via social channels & check out who loves your designs.
  • Business Card Printing Service Providers - No need for huge investments & paper purchases. Now market your business with contactless virtual visiting cards. Explore the trend and encourage your clients to adopt the new.

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