Explore Historical Artefacts in Virtual Museums

Share History with the World via Digital Exhibitions

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Engage in Museums in Metaverse

  360° Virtual Museums - Explore global histories & cultures in world class 3D 360° environments.

  AR-based Image Preview – Educate families, students & children on the go via lifelike AR-based image previews.


Activities for Historical Engagement

  Display Objects Catalogues – Amplify experience with virtual theatres and special presentation zones. Promote booths through live streaming via RTMP & other channels

  Insta Connect - Promote virtual event booths across multiple channels via social sharing.

  Live Streaming & On-demand Videos - Live stream your physical museum or upload pre-recorded videos and share on-demand.


Advertise & Reach Global audience

  Go Global - Advertise & invite a global audience to your digital museum. Instantly promote the event via integrated social sharing button.


Digital Twin: Take your physical museum online

  A Visual Treat to Onsite Audience - Generate dynamic QR codes for business cards, documents, videos and virtual booths. The same QR stickers can be printed &placed at the onsite booth.

  Guided tour - Using the QR code scanner/app, users can scan to view & download all information on their mobiles.

Widgets That Do Wonders

  Integration - With just a small embedded code, exhibitors can transform their regular website into a virtual museum.

  Widgets - Bring culture close to people via smartly integrated widgets. VeeSpaces integrations can work on Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Square Space, Shopify, Etsy, Presto, etc.


Track & Measure

  Schedule Meetings - Schedule meeting appointments on the spot for future collaborations.

  Measure Performance - Capture real-time analytics. Measure event performance, visitor activity, and buyer interests through integrated Google Analytics.


who benefits from VeeSpaces

  Museum Owners can have the extreme privilege of showcasing world-famous collections to a global audience on a virtual museum platform. Shed light on long-lost cultures. Renew traditions and values via digital museums.

  Historians present antique and rare collections to a global audience for the view. Display precious objects in a highly secure virtual environment. Let the audience virtually try out the masterpiece.

VeeSpaces Tools To Manage, Promote & Market Your Virtual Museum

Museum Management

Digital Information Management
Manage your virtual assets from a single dashboard & through a highly secure, centralized system. Get access to all crucial data in one system.

Museum Spaces

3D Virtual Meseum
Every museum object is unique and so are the presentation spaces. Unique, 3D 360-degree exhibits enable art enthusiasts to view and virtually try out artworks in their homes or business spaces.

Museum Previews

Augmented Product Previews
Give an augmented touch to your history. Let the audience explore the culture in a setting as realistic as times golden.

Museum Office

Client Relationship & Sales
Strengthen client relations via the office, a super-smart interface from VeeSpaces. Capture audience data. Check out museum hall activities and manage inquiries & sales at the museum office.

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