The world is moving towards digital technology. With access to the internet and smart phones, the art and museum industry is moving towards the next level of the competitive phase. QR code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions are a great way to impress visitors. It is the place where people come to improve their knowledge about historical facts and virtual art gallery. In fact, QR codes are a great way to impress visitors with a more interactive experience. With the help of QR code generator, it helps the visitors to learn more, have fun and even connect with others. 

The use of QR codes had made a widespread contactless tool to manage their every sharing need. All it takes is a small QR code attached to each piece of art and you can have detailed information about it. Easy right? 

How do QR Code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions work? 

A QR code is like a barcode but with little different functionality. There are different types of QR codes that are made to carry a digital URL that can be scanned easily by a Smartphone. The code contains any digital information that can be shared easily with your desired one. It can be video, audio, website information, business cards, social media links, or anything else. As they store more than one type of data, people use QR codes in marketing and other means of contactless engagement such as museums and virtual art gallery. Though they are made from black and white pixels now it is available in different colours and styles, and you can easily customise them with the help of QR code generator. 

How to use QR code for museums and art exhibitions? 


Place a QR code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions in the entrance and elevator of the museum and exhibition place that links to the maps. So that visitors don’t need to wander around to find the specific section. They can view the map right from their phones, and they can keep it ready to see your virtual art gallery. 

Contactless Tour Surveys 

To improve the experience of the museum and exhibitions, the visitors need to provide feedback, so that they can get fewer references for improvement.  

Incorporating the use of contactless tour surveys like Google form QR code ensures getting reviews from the visitors. With the help of employees, they can easily remind the guest to scan the QR code for museum and leave their review without any disturbance. 

Scavenger hunt 

Creating an interactive and engaging space is important in exhibitions. With the help of a scavenger hunt where visitors scan the QR code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions to get the clues that lead them to the next code. This is a great way to get the visitors moving around the exhibitions and exploring their entire works or virtual art gallery. 

Artwork information 

Placing QR code for art exhibitions next to each artwork provides more information about the virtual art gallery. This can also tell the visitors where they can find similar pieces. This can help the visitors to learn more about what they are seeing and make connections with different works in the same collection. 

Artist information 

After the artwork information, you can place another QR code for art exhibitions next to the artwork that provides information about the artist. You can include information about their art live, how they impacted the art world, and why in this exhibition they are showcasing this virtual art gallery and can mention the artist and theme of works with the help of QR code generator. 

Virtual Space 

Include the QR code for museums that links to a virtual tour of the exhibits or place the QR code in your virtual exhibitions that links to the physical museum. This way people can visit both places according to their convenience. This gives the idea of what you offer and the visitor can get a preview of what they see. 

Exhibit information 

Place a QR code for museum or QR code for art exhibitions at the entrance of each exhibit that provides overall information about the exhibition, like videos explaining its history and meaning. So that visitors can learn more as soon as they walk in without having to search for different resources. 

Social media 

With the help of QR code generator, include QR code for museums / QR code for art exhibitions that links to social media with a hashtag. It helps to encourage visitors to share their experiences at your museum or art exhibition on social media. That can help to attract new visitors and encourage those who haven’t visited yet. 


You can connect a QR code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions with a quiz to figure out why people chose to visit the art gallery. Then you can utilize the answers to tell people concerning a portion of the exhibits and pieces that they’ll see as most interesting. 

Extra reading materials 

With the help of QR code generator, put QR codes that connect to reading material or something too about in areas like entrances and other places where individuals could need to wait for some time. Giving them something to sit back on can help reduce fatigue and disappointment. 


Make a challenge where visitors scan QR code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions to get puzzles or riddles based on information around the gallery. The first person to tackle each puzzle could get an award from the gift shop. 

Audio Guides 

As most exhibitions are for the most part joined by audio to set the mood of the event, audio guides are there to supply some interesting data directly through ears. Also, for museum visitors to detect what area has an audio guide fit to be heard, curators and art directors show audio guide QR codes that the guests can scan directly and pay attention to the information relayed. 


If you have any desire to figure out more about what your visitors want to see in your museum, you can utilize a survey form to get more information. You can put the QR code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions connecting to it in a strategic location. For instance, you can ask questions about what changes they’d like the museum to make to an exhibit right outside the entrance. 

Museums and art exhibitions have a lot of interesting things to offer, and they are often great places to learn while having a great time. However, sometimes the “works of art” can be difficult to find when you are looking for something specific. With QR code for museums and QR code for art exhibitions, you can easily find what you’re looking for and learn more about the art or exhibition. With the VeeSpaces QR code generator, you can easily get your QR code which helps in promoting your museums & exhibitions and makes it an easy way to engage customers. We hope that this article provides some helpful info on how to use QR codes for museums and art exhibitions.