3D Virtual Booth Features

With your Virtual trade Show Booth,
Access to our major facilities


Upload your own logo and posters to brand your virtual booth

Virtual Business Card

Create & Share your virtual business card with your booth visitors.


Exhibit your company videos, services & product demo videos in your virtual booth.


Visitors can browse through your press releases, brochures, information sheets, fact sheets and download them

Live Chat

Chat with your SALES AND SUPPORT team staffs.

Appointment Booking

Integrate your own calendar that helps the visitor to book an appointment, Schedule a personal demo or meeting

Presentation Lounge

Interact with your customers through Video calls, Screen Sharing and Live Chats

Virtual Stage for product demos

Showcase your product demos in virtual stage, Transform your virtual booth into a unique experience.


Add a webinar space on your 3D virtual booth to promote your webinars. Visitors can watch the Webinars presentation in the virtual booth itself. If they have occurred already, they can watch the recorded webinar.

Reports & Analytics

Get insightful reports of visitor behaviours

Social Sharing Button

your virtual booth in social medias using Social sharing button


Capture leads right within the experience using our tools or send them directly to your own marketing automation system through a variety of methods.


Give access to all your contents to your Physical booth visitors participating in any exhibition using QR Codes. Use our QR Based stickers generated by the system in your physical booths and give access to Business Card (Contact information), all documents, all presentation videos, appointment Booking URL.

Booth Information Management (BIM) System

Control everything from a single dashboard with centralized system and harmonize all your marketing, sales and technical information of your booth in one system. BIMacts as a single source of truth to collect, manage, enrich, and distribute your booth data to a variety of sales channels.


Quickly add a virtual booth to your existing website with technology that instantly mimics your current design. No coding or software installation required.

With your Virtual Show Booth,
Access to our major facilities

Interactive Virtual Showroom / Experience Centre

An interactive 3d virtual tour software for showroom or an experience centre gets you closer to your customers online. Let your customers explore your products and solutions with 360 degree product display, multimedia content and live interactions. Grow your business online through an 3d virtual tour engaging and meaningful brand experience.

A Virtual Factory Floor

 A virtual factory floor is the perfect way to show your company infrastructure and production capabilities. Develop trust and confidence in your customers with a virtual booth website.

more orders by taking your customers on a virtual exhibit 365 tour of your factory / plant.

Virtual Reality (VR) Shopping Store

If you are a Brick & Mortars store owner OR an online retailer and plan to leverage the 3D VIRTUAL REALITY RETAIL ENVIRONMENT for business growth.

Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

An Interactive and Immersive Exhibition Booth in a virtual environment that your customers can visit from their computer or mobile devices. The visitors can open the virtual booth on a web browser on their computer with an internet connection. This doesn't need any additional software.

A virtual booth is a 3D 360° environment, allowing the visitors to interact, engage and browse information about your company, products and services compared to a standard website which is 2D and static.

VeeSpaces is a virtual exhibition booth solution we offer to businesses that want a bespoke, branded virtual exhibition booth or similar virtual environments like virtual labs, showrooms, and factory floors to attract, engage, and inform their customers.

It is subscription based. As long as your monthly subscription active, your virtual booth will be active.

Yes, we can integrate a custom virtual booth on your existing website.

You can measure the ROI from the number of visits on the virtual booth page, number of engagements, enquiries through live chat, inbound enquiries, download of collaterals, stay-time on the virtual stall, and consequent offline interactions.

Having worked with clients from different industries, we can understand how your products are processed by your customers. We can accordingly suggest how to show the end result or the final outcome derived from your product. We can highlight the benefits derived from using your product as a raw material in the virtual stall.

Yes, we can utilize your existing booth design to create a virtual stall. All you have to do is share the 3D file with us. We can adapt and develop it for your virtual stall. This will cost additional. This method will be quicker and cost-effective. Contact our sales team for adding your own booth design.

No. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based, runs on the cloud.

VeeSpaces is Subscription based. The support is available as long as your account is active. Our support team is available during our business hours. Please refer our Terms of Service (TOS) for more detail.

Yes, we can create a mobile-optimized version of your virtual exhibition stall, making it accessible on all devices. The mobile-optimized version will have its UI and UX tailored for a seamless experience. However, a virtual environment is best experienced on a large screen.

There is no limit to the number of days you can host the virtual booth online. It is completely monthly subscription based. You can continue the subscription as long as you wish.

You can generate QR based stickers using our QR Label generator tool, keep those stickers at your physical booth wherever you exhibit your business. Visitors can access the contents (videos, business cards, documents, products information) by scanning the QR code from their mobile devices.

Absolutely. They can scan the QR code available in your physical booth to join the video conference from their mobile.