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Exhibition Kit

Exhibiting made easy!

Exhibiting at live trade shows? Try VeeSpaces Digital Exhibition Kit. Create badges with custom QR codes for information exchange. Get mobile apps for lead capture & integrations. Create 3D, VR & AR product presentations to enhance buyer experiences. Keep your stand live even after the event 24*7*365, Reuse them to your next events.

Useful for businesses/professionals exhibiting at events, event organisers! Learn more

Virtual Tour Software

Build professional quality virtual tours & showrooms in mins!

Create beautiful 3D 360 virtual tours that engage your audience. Try VeeSpaces 360 virtual panorama tour software! Add labels, hotspots, interactive cards & build floor plans. Optimize, market & manage all event data from a single centralized system. Embeddable code to add it in your website & increase lead conversions.

Useful for automobile showrooms, dealers, real estate, retail showrooms, office tours, tourism & heritage sites. Learn more

VR Spaces

Branded 3D, 360° Immersive & Interactive Space

Attract, engage visitors with 3D assets & metaverse experiences. Add posters, documents, brochures, videos and more. Instantly capture lead data via lead collection forms. Track and measure your visitor activities & engagement with reports & widgets.

Useful for companies, universities, colleges, equipment & manufacturing companies, heavy machinery industries, event tech providers, event organisers. Click here

VR Exhibitions

Organise your own VR exhibitions!

Curate & host unlimited VR exhibitions. Create wonderful experiences through HD images & videos. Your customers can be anywhere across the globe. Exhibit your arts, stories, achievements & experiences online using VeeSpaces, the best art marketing platform.

Useful for businesses, artists, art galleries, museums, professionals to exhibit your products, services, brand history, achievements. Click here

Digital Business Cards

Network smarter with digital business cards.

Worried about multiple printings and reshares? Explore the new digital cards for event branding! Create & share seamlessly anywhere, anytime. Make changes that instantly reflect on your cards. Create custom cards for your office teams & client partners. Track and measure information as card downloads, views, location details.

Useful for professionals, companies, HR managers, marketing agencies, business card designers. Learn more

AR Business Cards

Share your story, not just another business card!

Create & share your brand story with our shareable & linkable AR business cards. Embed HD images, videos, 3D models, icons CTAs & more along with scannable links to websites, social media, contact info, emails. Explore the new App-less technology to witness the magical experience.

Useful for professionals, enterprises, marketing agencies, brands, influencers, business card designers. Learn more

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