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Engagement That Outplays Onsite Experience

  360° Factory Experience - Engage your audience in 3D 360° factory experience. Showcase your demos & products on a virtual booth website

  AR-based Factory Tour & Product Previews – Share a better-personalized experience to your audience via AR-based product previews & virtual tours.


Virtual Floor Activities for Enhanced Engagement

  Product/Service Catalogues – Display heavy, complicated and immovable machinery via attractive product catalogues. Give detailed descriptions & videos for every product or service.

  Insta Connect - A smart feature that connects buyers and dealers with youon-the-spot. Explain products in detail, resolve buyer queries and drive sales via instant messaging, live chat and video conferencing tools.

  Videos & Virtual Presentations - Share on-demand & pre-recorded videos. Present onsite factory videos, product demos, operations & many more to engage buyers & dealers.


Promote & Sell Globally

  Go International - Demo your factory products to a global audience. Enable the audience to share the digital factory & their experience via an integrated social sharing button.

  Buyer enquiry - Buyers & dealers can virtually explore & try out products before making a purchase decision. They can enquire about the catalogue and pricing instantly.


Widgets For a High Experience

  Integrations - Just with a small piece of code, exhibitors can transform their factory website into a digital factory showroom.

  Widgets - Make buyer experience simpler & interesting with VeeSpaces widgets. Our smart integrations can work on Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Square Spaceetc.


Promote & Sell Post-event

  Schedule Meetings - Let buyers & dealers book appointments & schedule meetings with exhibitors and factory owners on the spot.

  Analytics - Measure your digital floorperformance, insights, record buyer personas and interests via integrated Google Analytics.

Who Benefits From VeeSpaces

  Factory Owners can showcase their products, and explain how they work and their benefits to attract new buyers.

  Heavy Machinery Industries can showcase their heavy machineries, enable virtual try out in buyer spaces, explain the machinery functionalities in-detail to buyers.

  Raw Material Suppliers can connect with all exhibitors, buyers and dealers to sell their raw materials and close deals.

VeeSpaces Tools To Manage, Promote & Market Your Digital Factory

Factory Management

Digital Information Management
Manage all factory assets, tools from a single dashboard via a highly powerful, secure & centralized system. Get access to all crucial virtual booth data in one system.

Factory Spaces

3D Digital Factory
Get a digital twin for your onsite factory. Present factory products, prototypes & presentations in 3D. Get animated 3D avatars to represent your factory booth.

Factory Previews

Augmented Product Previews
Let your buyers experience a real touch and feel of machinery or products via AR-based product previews.

Factory Office

Client Relationship & Sales
Manage all your buyer, dealer relations via the office.Explore a powerful & exclusive interface for capturing data, managing activities, inquiries & sales.

Factory Widgets

Widgets for Better Experience
Launch your digital factory in minutes. With a small, embedded code, exhibitors can turn their factory website into a digital factory showroom or booth. Widgets make the experience much better & simpler for the audience.

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