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Engage in Richer Environments

  360° Virtual Art gallery - Engage in the world’s best 3D 360° environments.

  AR-based Product Previews – Experience a lifelike look and feel of the art.


Activities to Boost Engagement

  Art Catalogues – Inspire art enthusiasts via informative assets like art descriptions& videos.

  Smart Connect - Share ideas via instant messaging, booth video calling, live chat & video conferencing. Exchange virtual business cards to stay in touch post-event.

  Live Streaming & On-demand Videos - Host art classes via live-streaming. Present on-demand videos for engagement.


Create Local, Sell Global

  Go Global - Advertise your digital art gallery to a broader audience with our social sharing button.

  Secure Purchasing - Sell world-famous expensive art works in highly securely environments.


Widgets that Do Magic

  Integrations - Magically transform your regular website into a virtual art gallery with a piece of code.

  Widgets - Integrated widgets bring arts much closer to people. VeeSpaces supports integrations into Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Square Space, Shopify, Etsy, Presto, etc.


Sell Arts Post-event

  Appointments - Book & schedule appointments on the spot for future meetings.

  Know Buyer Interests - Capture event analytics in real-time. Measure exhibition performance, audience activity, and interests through Google Analytics.

Who Benefits From VeeSpaces

  Artists showcase your creativity to the world. Now present your artworks to a global audience and earn expansive cheering. Advertise & sell your art to a global audience via VeeSpaces digital exhibitions.

  Designers be it interiors or fashion or creative arts. Now designers worldwide can flaunt their creativity & sell art through a digital art gallery. Let the audience virtually try out your designs before making the final purchase.

  Architects create an engineered space to showcase your ideas and design prototypes. With futuristic technology and augmented concepts, architects can perfectly showcase & market their skills to a global audience.

  Art Consultants guide your clients and help them choose the right art for their homes or business spaces.

  Art Curators get an opportunity to exclusively host and organise virtual exhibitions or art shows to global audiences from one destination.

VeeSpaces Tools To Manage, Promote & Market Your Art Gallery

Art Gallery Management

Digital Information Management
Promote, manage & sell your art from a single dashboard & via a highly advanced, centralized system. Get access to all crucial marketing, sales and gallery data in one system. Gather and broadcast key data to multiple sales channels.

Art Gallery Spaces

3D Virtual Art Gallery
Highly engaging, multi-dimensional 3D art exhibits facilitate customers to view arts, collect details and virtually try out artworks in their personal or business spaces.

Art Gallery Previews

Augmented Product Previews
With an augmented touch to your art, you can make your audience feel as if they are really exploring a live art gallery. Better purchase decisions happen in our AR-based, hyper-realistic environments.

Art Office

Client Relationship & Sales
Build & maintain robust client relations via the art office, a VeeSpaces trendy interface. Gather visitor data. Check out gallery activities and manage sales at the art office.

Art Gallery Widgets

Manage Widgets on the Go
Launch your art gallery in minutes. Just embed a small piece of code and smartly turn your website into a wonderful online art gallery. Choose from a range of widgets and make the experience simpler for your audience.

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