With today’s technological advancement, there are new ways to advertise that are interactive and engaging for consumers. One such method is using QR codes for marketing, which are a type of barcode that can be read by Smartphone and other devices. QR codes are a new way to bridge the gap between print and online advertising. By placing a QR code on a print ad, businesses can provide customers with a quick and easy way to access additional information about the product or service being advertised. QR codes can be used to track the effectiveness of print ads, providing valuable data about how many people are scanning the code and what they do after they access the online content. QR Codes can help to improve your brand presence and increase sales and customer loyalty.

They are small, simple, and easy to use, making them ideal for companies that want to reach a wide audience with minimal effort.

How to use QR codes? 

When you scan the QR code with Smartphone technology, the code on the paper, brochures, tag, label, or banner wherever it is printed, gets into a different place with the information you needed online.

Now QR codes are used in almost all types of industries to help customers to go through more about the product or brand or any other added things that aid to improve marketing. Many businesses in the USA started using QR codes for marketing. Japan and China had been using QR codes in recent years.

Why should everyone use QR Codes? 

  1. QR codes have more information when compared to barcodes. Barcodes can store up to 20 alphanumeric characters only. But now QR codes have many benefits. 
  2. Gives the best user convenience – Just a one-step process for directing to the website, locations, or any other information 
  3. Reduces printing material waste – Make highly efficient use of printed material to avoid wastages 
  4. Easy to track – Actions taken via QR codes can be easily tracked for marketing measurement. 
  5. Customizable – It can be printed on anything and customizable with company needs like color, company logos, etc. 
  6. Reduces cost – QR code marketing strategy needs low cost compared to other marketing tools. 

The list of things QR codes can hold 

  • Website URL 
  • Blogs 
  • Landing page links 
  • Social Media pages 
  • Ad campaigns
  • Videos, audio, and images 
  • vCard 
  • Location 
  • Sign up for a newsletter or subscription 
  • Gift coupons and discounts
  • PDF files 

How do QR Codes bridge the gap? 

QR codes are one of the best ways print advertising has to offer. When the QR code is not present, consumers just read the information in the print and turn the page and most likely forget about it. When you place a QR codes for marketing in the print, they are a way to bring the offline world of print to the online world of digital marketing. 

Consumers today are in such a digital age, and print advertising is still offering a way to reach them. Consumers can scan the code, go to your website, and find your advertisement without having to leave the location where they are. They can go through it on the computer or on their mobile device, and you can have a link that is already in the spot they are in. It’s time to give your print advertising a whole new meaning.

Some Ideas of how QR codes can be used

  1. A business card that contains a QR code can link to a landing page with testimonials.
  2. The local business QR codes will link to the location with some discounts
  3. A store display QR code to view product description and demos
  4. Restaurants includes QR code for displaying the menu, orders, location, and reservation
  5. A simple home appliance includes a QR code for helping the installation process
  6. An exhibitor at the conference places a QR code on their display booth so that attendees can conveniently scan and save the vendor’s information as they pass by
  7. The exhibitor will use the QR codes on display booths so that the customer will easily direct to the website page with a brief product description.

QR codes can be used in a variety of places like Banners, Posters, Event displays, Shop displays, Menu, Postcards, Books, Business cards, Product packaging, Tickets, Brochures, and flyers. 

In conclusion, QR codes for marketing are a new and innovative way. By allowing users to access quickly and easily about the additional information about a product or service, QR codes are an effective way to promote engagement and sales. They are easy to use and can be used by businesses of all sizes. With the increasing popularity of Smartphone and other smart devices, QR codes are likely to become even more widely used shortly.