Assessing your overall performance after each trade show exhibition is one of the keys to running a successful trade show program. When you want the most insightful information, you should act as soon as possible. Analyze both the positive and negative aspects of your experiences on the booth setup within the first day or two after the show. Let’s start by discussing the following post trade show questions to ask yourself and measure your trade show ROI. 

Post Trade Show Questions

Did the cost of attending the trade show ROI justify its attendance? 

First and foremost, you should ask yourself if it was worth your time and effort to exhibit at the trade show. Ask yourself the following post trade show question to determine whether the show was worth your investment or trade show ROI. 

How to evaluate your show’s value: 

  • What was the cost of exhibiting? 
  • What was the number of qualified potential customers who attended the event? 
  • Does your brand stand out on the floor? 
  • Calculate the value of your trade show within the industry? 

What standout qualities did you possess at the trade show marketing strategy?

Your trade show marketing strategy’s strengths can be evaluated by identifying the trade show exhibition hall locations where your business stood out. After the show, have a seat and discuss the areas where you and your team excelled by asking those post trade show question. 

Strengths of Trade Shows Evaluation: 

  • Find out from your booth workers where they think the team accomplished and where they felt secure while displaying. 
  • Record how prepared and well-stocked your personnel was while working on the show floor. 
  • Look at other companies and other exhibitors to identify where they failed and where yours thrived. 

How Did You Perform on the trade show floor?

You must evaluate the areas where your team fell short, just as you did when you recognized the positives. You may give yourself a head start on planning for your future event by analyzing your weak points on the trade show exhibition floor immediately following the event. 

Considering the post trade show questions and weaknesses like, 

  • What opportunities did you perhaps miss? 
  • Did your potential customers ask you questions for which you were unprepared? 
  • Did you tell attendees about your brand and identity clearly? If not, how can you communicate with visitors more effectively? 

What Position Did You Hold Among Your Rivals?

You get the chance to examine and evaluate rival companies’ goods, messages, and services up close when you visit a trade show exhibition because you are surrounded by them. While you are at the exhibition, make notes about your rivals, then research them after the show to better understand your place in the industry. 

Analyze your competitor by asking these following post trade show questions like: 

  • During the trade exhibition, did your rivals outperform your business? Were their booth’s dimensions, design, price, or number of visitor’s superior than yours? 
  • What sort of product offers did your rivals have? 
  • What services and goods were being promoted by your rivals? 
  • In their marketing messaging, what characteristics and advantages of the product are they highlighting? 

Note: To stand up against your competitor, use digital exhibition kit for better networking and engagement. 

How Well Did Your Trade Show Marketing Message Connect with Potential Customers?

How well your marketing message performed on the trade show exhibition floor will directly reflect on the success of your campaign. In order to make your products or services stand out from those of your competitors, an effective trade show marketing message should address the needs, concerns, and pain points of participants. So, start analyze your virtual booth strategy by considering those post trade show questions. 

Think about the following three elements when assessing the success of your trade show marketing message. 

  • Insights: Did your marketing message effectively convey the requirements or challenges of potential customers and did it provide solutions? 
  • Benefit: Did your advertising clearly convey how your product offers enticing and standout benefits? Did you provide potential customers a reason to pick you over your rivals? 
  • Trust: Did your marketing message give potential customers a good reason to think your business can fulfil the promised benefit(s)? 

How Effectively Did Your Staff Work in trade show exhibition?

One of the most crucial parts of trade show exhibition is your booth crew. They take the lead in interacting with attendees and potential customers. Your staff’s performance and training will help you gain a better understanding of how your brand was represented on the show floor. 

Assessing your staff by pointing out these post trade show questions like, 

  • Did your team maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere for attendees? 
  • Did your personnel work as a cohesive team to become a stronger group? Did they help each other out and step in when necessary? 
  • When it comes to operating the booth, ask your seasoned employees which newcomers or less-experienced team members excelled and which ones want additional assistance or instruction. 

How Effective Was Your Marketing Plan Before the Trade Show?

Pre-event marketing must to be considered at all times while organizing a trade show. To improve upcoming campaigns and programs, it’s crucial to assess the effectiveness of your pre-show marketing after the trade show exhibition has ended. 

A Pre-Show Marketing Evaluation includes list of post trade show questions like, 

  • How many people brought up your pre-show communications? 
  • Did the demographics of your audience match what you were trying to achieve with your pre-show marketing campaigns? 
  • In relation to your pre-show marketing and promotion efforts, how many potential customers interacted with your business on social media? 
  • How many guests came to an event you hosted? 

Assess the caliber of your trade show ROI and your lead generation strategy

When it comes to gathering leads at a trade show exhibition, an exhibitor has a variety of options at their disposal. You should assess the success of your lead generating plan and the quantity of high-quality leads you attracted after the event.  

Lead generation evaluation includes post trade show questions like, 

  • What tactics, such as giveaways, games, and product demonstrations, helped you generate the most leads? 
  • What proportion of the leads collected were of high quality, and what proportion were less desirable? 
  • Did your group surpass its first goal? If not, what actions can you take to enhance lead generation for upcoming events? 

How Can You Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Better for Upcoming Events?

The number of visitors you draw to your space at a trade show exhibition can be significantly influenced by the design of your booth. Asking yourself the following post trade show questions will help you determine whether your booth strategy is geared toward success on the show floor. 

Considering Booth Design 

  • Was the layout of your trade fair booth user-friendly? Prospects trying to maximize their time on the show floor frequently pass-through cluttered booths, so if your exhibit lacked open spaces, you might want to rebuild it. 
  • Did your audience have a positive first impression after seeing your signage? If not, what can you do to improve the signage’s appeal and ability to convey your marketing message? 

Examine the most important post trade show question – Check whether you arranged the trade show exhibitor kit?

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