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Top 10 Virtual Booth Ideas to Make Your Event Successful

Virtual Booth Ideas

It is no longer necessary for exhibitors to fly to an event venue to get an idea of physical booth dimensions and deal with printing mistakes. A virtual booth software eliminates the inconvenience and makes it easier to prepare booths and manage them online. Even though the goal is the same, setting up an online event with some virtual booth ideas is much easier than setting up a physical one. 

A virtual booth is a place where exhibitors can meet and greet attendees, discuss their brands, and collect leads. Brand logos, product/service videos, and digital collateral are typically displayed. Audio/video/text chat allows exhibitors to connect with their visitors in a visually appealing environment and build long-lasting relationships. 

Let’s talk about the unique virtual reality booth ideas for a groundbreaking event without wasting any time. 

Prepare Online Events with These Best Practices – Must Follow Virtual Booth Ideas 

Understand all the Basic Concerns 

The very first virtual booth idea is to figure out all the ins and outs of the virtual booth before setting it up. Questions like does it offer 3D booth setup? Does platform offer better networking opportunity? Did the software offer lead magnet through it? 

The above are just a few sample questions you can ask the event organizers or the virtual event software provider. Likewise, point them with more options of questions you’re getting.  

Scribble down your ‘About’ section 

Create an “About” section that explains who your company is and what you do now that your logo is ready. 

Describe how your company helps people and other companies to attract qualified leads by helping them to target better. 

In your booth’s “About” section, you can also mention topics attendees can discuss or talks they can attend. 

Add images of your products/services 

What does your business do? What do you sell? Create images with clear descriptions of all your products and services. 

Be sure your booth serves your brand voice while at the same time making it easy for attendees to contact you. 

Mention any special sales you’re running during the virtual event in your booth. For this, do follow these visual storytelling booth tips which helps you to showcase your brand in a unique way. 

Networking area preparation 

Setting up a networking area is an essential part for any virtual event or conference and it is considered as the best virtual booth ideas. Yes, some of the statistical data shows that education and networking are the two-reason people attend events in virtual booths. 

Keep this in mind and choose your virtual space platform wisely and we at VeeSpaces networking is done instantly through live chat, video calling and video conferencing. 

Networking is an essential part for any event or conference. In fact, data shows education and networking are the top two reasons people attend virtual events. 

Be prepared for Q&A session 

One of the engaging activities that persist in the virtual booth is Q&A session. So, make sure your team is ready for them. Before your event kicks starts, consider having a list of questions to be asked in advance.  

Divide your booth into several sections or networking areas so that your team members can manage them accordingly. Along with this, make sure to have a sales representative available during the event and before going through your booths. 

Pre-Market booth in advance 

You will definitely plan your event and set up the virtual booth ideas a few weeks or months in advance. So, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare and market your booth presence to the audience.  

Create buzz on your event in all social media and inform audience about your event participation and let your audience know what they get if they attend your virtual event. 

Consider booking meetings with attendees and potential customers for the event in advance. That way, you have a roster of time slots taken even before the event starts. (This may not be applicable to all businesses) 

Develop your email contacts 

At in-person events, businesses used to receive a lot of emails. In a virtual environment, it is now much simpler. Request email addresses from visitors to your online booth and make sure not to spam them. 

 After that, you can either send them your weekly or monthly newsletter or add them to a welcome and/or sales email sequence. Doing email marketing is the best virtual booth ideas to consider and, if done well, your company can establish its brand and generate a lot of income. 

Make your booth interactive 

Even while networking is an aspect of engagement, engaging your audience doesn’t always include doing business with them. 

You may interact with your audience with interactive content and provide them with pertinent information in exchange. It is a fantastic technique to increase lead production and build your own brand. 

To find out which speaker your customers enjoyed most, for instance, if you’re presenting a virtual booth ideas at a marketing conference, you can always make a poll! You can, however, arrange a giveaway if you’re at a product launch event. There are countless virtual booth strategies options! Never be frightened to be imaginative!  

Price your audience with handouts 

Handouts, short ebooks, reports, case studies, and whitepapers are great ways to build authority and attract attendees to your online booth. 

You don’t have to go above and beyond. Just make sure that anything you’re offering to attendees and potential customers is relevant to your business and industry. 

Remember the event and booth are meant to help you grow your presence, make connections, and build authority. 

Do post event survey 

Getting feedback on your expos, trade fairs, conferences, and events is a terrific way to make sure you’re on the right path, particularly after the event. 

Ask your team and the audience for their opinions. Through your virtual booth, list out post event survey questionnaire to visitors like “What can we do better next time?” 

According to your team’s input, identify the main issues that your prospects had based on the interactions that your team had with them. 

The knowledge you’ll get is precious and will be useful for your upcoming online event. 

If you’re planning to set up a virtual booth, do follow all those virtual booth ideas and stay unique from the crowd. Also, contact VeeSpaces who are about to help businesses stand out and make the most out of their virtual booth experience. Book demo now. 

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