Exhibitors are still wavering between attending a live tradeshow & adopting a virtual exhibition booth. Undoubtedly, the virtual booth space misses the human touch element, which is key to making any event successful. Leveraging modern technologies, trade show booth builders are creating marvellous 3D stall design (s) and virtual booth spaces to attract audiences endlessly. 

The Importance of VR in a Virtual Booth

The beauty of VR is that it can transcend time and space, transporting its viewers to a wholly new environment. Yet, however breathtaking a virtual experience may be, the feeling of disconnection from a fellow person will always exist. The trick is to find ways to bring humanity back into the picture so viewers will have a more intimate connection with the content. Here are four simple strategies on how to humanize virtual experiences. 

Welcoming video 

A warm welcome video at your virtual exhibition booth will help customers feel invited into your showroom. A quick 30-60 second greeting bite generates trust and offers a personalized, human touch to virtual interactions. Any senior executive or special speaker can enact this part. Welcome videos can have a vast impact on customers interests & also impart a professional touch to the virtual exhibition booth. Including an introductory video for the virtual experience allows visitors to learn what they’re signing up for and why they should sign up in the first place. 

Guided virtual booth tours 

One of the best ways to keep customers engaged on a virtual booth is to offer guided tours. They can be self-guided or led by an animated avatar, but regardless, it could end up making a significant difference. If your virtual experience consists of literally listing products for people to browse through, giving them a guided tour can help them enjoy the virtual exhibition booth experience more thoroughly. 

Allow your customers to see business in a new way. These tours allow a subtle glimpse into crucial areas of your brand or products while sparking a visitor’s curiosity and pride in your uniqueness. There is a layer of transparency while still allowing some mystery behind the curtain. It can be perfect for small & medium scale businesses that want to appeal to a broader audience without jeopardizing security or confidentiality. 

Content & Video Support 

People interact with technology all day long, but somewhere the human connection seems missing. And, here is where virtual reality comes in. A 3D stall design layers on top of the existing digital world to create new environments that feel realistic and immersive. And luckily for many industries, virtual experiences can be recorded with video and text to share across social media platforms. Text-based content has the power to be more personal than almost any other modern marketing tool because it can provide richer customer insights through deep storytelling via blogs, newsletters, white papers or case studies. Similarly, videos & text can also create brand awareness through microsites, vlogs or cookie blog posts. Understanding the importance & benefits, the virtual trade show booth builders are giving a special place to text & video support in every corner of their virtual booth 3D stall design. 


Webinars are a powerful way to be more personable with potential customers. It might not give you a complete, niche one-one experience, but it is considered the best & effective strategy to reach a qualified audience in these unfavorable times. To make webinars more personalized & human-like, the trade show booth builders are including videos in the 3D stall design. Exhibitors, keynote speakers can have an exclusive interaction with the audience just like a live television broadcast. The visual aspect enhances the sense of shared presence which makes the audience feel more open and accessible. 

As we adapt to virtual booth spaces, the existing dichotomy between digital and traditional events will diminish. You will feel the same intimate connection with a virtual exhibition booth as you do with traditional exhibitions. 

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