Virtual showrooms are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, especially those who want to showcase their products without breaking the bank. They are also a great marketing tool for exhibitors who want to target customers with a stunning online presence but don’t have the budget or time for traditional advertising. Online showroom software provides buyers with the same information they would find at an actual physical store as pricing, dimensions, and product details etc. What’s even better with a virtual retail showroom is that exhibitors don’t have to worry about shipping costs or staffing!

In this article today, you can learn everything from

  1. What is a virtual showroom?
  2. How are virtual showrooms helping brands?
  3. How the online showroom software is helping customers – What the audience can do on a virtual retail showroom platform?
  4. How to manage a virtual showroom? and
  5. Benefits of virtual showrooms.

Advanced technologies AR & VR – are producing fusion-like experiences by blending the best practices from both in-store and virtual retail showroom considering the global markets, trends and demands.

In all ways, virtual showrooms are considered the perfect solution for businesses to showcase their products and services in a high-tech, personalized 3D virtual environment.

1) What is a virtual showroom? 

Virtual showrooms are 3D digital storefronts that facilitate simplified & secure access via a computer or smartphone. The best-in-class b2b & b2c solution for brands and retailers to create better personalized experiences instantly online.  

For businesses: It can display product information in a high-tech, 3D environment with 360-degree views of selected items.  

Further, the modern online showroom software allows audiences & markets to interact & explore every item online in detail.  

The virtual retail showroom provides consumers with all the essential details about the product while allowing potential buyers to try it out before committing any time or money towards purchasing it. 

Simply put, a virtual showroom is a VR staged environment with immersive 3D product models for display, try-out and purchase. 

2) How are virtual showrooms helping brands? 

Virtual showrooms are evolving.  

As more companies are turning to the internet for marketing their ideas, services & products, online showroom software is becoming a popular choice for cross-platform promotions.  

With a virtual retail showroom, you can create, manage and promote your brand on multiple levels.  

Let us learn how the online showroom software is helping brands today? 

  • Design, manage, sell and promote a variety of collections online. 
  • Create, maintain and customize event apps instantly online. 
  • Gather niche insights and analytics reports on what worked and what didn’t at the event? 
  • Create immersive, interactive experiences for customers on their mobile devices. 
  • Create fully customized, branded 3d environments for clients and businesses. 
  • Create virtual avatars, MCs, hot spots and animations for clear and better interactions on the floor. 
  • Create marketing booths, collaterals & sales stand for displaying special offers and improve sales instantly. 

Want to make your brand stand out from the crowd? 

Need any ideas to plan a winning marketing strategy amid the current market trends? 

To be successful in every way & to create the real hype around your concept & brand, your approach needs to be hectically creative. That is where the online showroom software comes into play. 

3) How the online showroom software is helping customers – What the audience can do on a virtual retail showroom platform? 

 Virtual Showrooms are market trendsetters today.  Audience, have you ever dreamt of walking through your favourite store without leaving home?  Well, now your dream can happen in real. With the latest technology, you can walk around s store virtually, try-on products and also purchase them.   

 There is a lot more buyers can do in a virtual showroom! 

  1. Explore and try out the products virtually in an immersive 3D environment. 
  2. Create & customize personalized experiences by changing colours, adding or removing features. 
  3. Use the ruler tool to calculate the size and measurement of each product, compare and check if it fits in the in-person environment. 
  4. Get detailed, interactive display and information about product forms, features & descriptions. 
  5. View ads, download brochures, watch videos online. 
  6. Participate in virtual contests, prize giveaways, sales & promotional activities. 
  7. Test and buy products securely and instantly. 

With the best online showroom software, customers can engage, indulge and try the product before the final purchase. 


4) How to manage a virtual showroom? 

Virtual Showrooms areinspiring and simple to use. You will need 5-10 sq. mts. of open space and a device with an in-built camera. 

 So, here are some tips on how to use a virtual retail showroom? 

  1. First, download & install the app. 
  2. Follow the guidance for the app launch. 
  3. Use the device camera to scan and set up a virtual showroom. 
  4. Log in and enter the virtual retail showroom to explore, choose, try and buy products instantly. 

It is all as simple as taking your phone and getting into the store. Isn’t it fantastic? 


5) Benefits of virtual showrooms 

Unlike traditional spaces, virtual showrooms can be designed just in days. It is a space where people can host infinite events and invite huge audiences for engagement and promotions. Due to the endless capacity to host events, exhibitors and sponsors are highly inclined to adopt the online showroom software as a part of their in-house and business events. 

 Exhibitors can sign-up and start showcasing their products within minutes. The virtual retail showroom is a cost-effective solution for companies, like start-ups & corporates, who aim to reach more customers globally. 

 Some of the best benefits of a virtual showroom include.  

  1. Lessens overhead expenses, like leasing a building, showroom maintenance etc. 
  2. No need for extra staff, which reduces operating costs by up to 75%!  
  3. 24*7*365 easy access from any location via computer or mobile device.   
  4. Expect higher conversion rates due to better engagement, virtual swag bags & gamification.  
  5. Creates immersive and interactive experiences. 


Online showroom software is a new frontier for marketers who want to create an interactive environment to engage consumers on multiple levels. Our experts at Veespaces have been working diligently with this cutting-edge technology ever since the launch of our virtual retail showroom software. We can help your businesses take advantage of our high-end, incredible innovations by providing software technology or installation services tailored to your needs.

If you have any questions about how VR could work for your company, reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!