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Virtual Trade Booth: 7 Steps to Building a Powerful Virtual Space

In-person trade fairs are time-consuming, require niche planning & also are complicated to setup. They require a lot of travel, bookings, signages, print materials, banners & most importantly time & manpower. Today, with advanced technologies & experts at hand, in-person trade fairs are perfectly replicated & an experience beyond measure is delivered to audiences through virtual booth software. Welcome to the age of Virtual Reality.

As the whole world is turning digital and embracing sustainability, it is essential to learn the trends and values, virtual booth software has to offer. Designing a 3D exhibition booth & hosting an exhibition stall for your business requires effective planning and a well-designed marketing strategy.

So, here are the 7 Steps to Building a Powerful Virtual Trade Booth for your business.

1) Setting Goals

Collaborate with your teams, talk to experts before setting the main goals. Ask yourself the following questions. 

Keep your goals as realistic as possible. The fundamentals remain the same for both in-person and virtual fairs. The only difference is that you will be presenting your brand in a virtual space. Plot the strategies that can help you achieve your goals faster. To make your 3D exhibition booth a big success, make sure you, 

2) Grand Visual Appeal  

Stunningly creative 3D exhibition booth can be custom-designed to your choice in a virtual environment. But, designing such amazing booth spaces might be tricky for your experts as virtual environments are new & advanced. Exhibition stall designs must be colourful, in high contrast & offer a real experience to your audience. If your experts are new to choosing the design elements, then virtual booth software like HostMyBooth can design your spaces in the best authentic way. The entryway 3D exhibition booth designs, messaging & chat options, avatars, banners, features & add-ons, marketing promotions are all personalized to enhance the client’s brand presence. We ensure customers get the taste of your brand while entering the exhibition stall & also the logo is well placed to elevate your brand value.

3) Engaging Content 

Unlike real events, content must be limited yet highly engaging in virtual reality booths. Your content must drive your audiences to participate and lead them to take action at the end of your event. Pre-recorded videos, webinars, brochures, slide shows & presentations are considered effective for content sharing. Ensure your content is real, captivating & adds value to your clients. Content planning needs to be done before, during and after the events.  

4) Social Spaces

Enabling a private chat space for your attendees will make them feel special. Using appropriate hashtags can highlight your event and guide your audiences to join the show. It also becomes easy for your audience to collect co-participants contact details for further networking. Organising fun activities, games & quizzes can be a friendly approach to attract potential customers. Sharing social media hashtags and encouraging participants to follow your brand page socially is a great idea to keep your audience engaged and make them know about your future events. 

5) Building the Best Team

The best virtual reality booths can be built not from technical experts alone or social specialists. The combination of teams will help you build the most exquisite 3D exhibition stall designs that are creative, immersive, technically robust and socially engaging. You might also need additional experts for support, speakers, sales, engineers and other divisions. Hiring the best teams is as important as building a creative environment. In virtual spaces, every step is crucial and if done well, can bring you enormous returns in terms of 360-degree immersive experience, happy customers, great reach, new leads, extra sales and many more benefits.

HostMyBooth is one of the best virtual booth software that can help you build a strong backend team & a wonderful front end social networking space.

Book your demo with HostMyBooth today! 

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