Now with the advent of 3D virtual booth software, hosting virtual booths to exhibit businesses 24/7 can happen with just a click. Even if the pandemic continues, organisers still can be on the safe side with virtual booth software. Virtual booths are grandly designed, customized spaces that help you to showcase your business or services or products. The visual experience, flexibility & engagement they are offering is truly making them a perfect substitute for traditional events.

Virtual booths can become immersive mediums for driving sales and promoting brands. User experience & activity play a key role in designing a virtual vendor booth.

So, here we share a good list of must-have features in your virtual booth software.

To make the audience experience better on virtual booths, communication is considered a key strategy. As the spaces are limited, having customized avatars or your expert staffs on board helps create nice engagement for your attendees. People come to your booth to ask questions, learn about your product or service. So, if you have an expert on-board to attend to them & answer their questions, then rest assured, your virtual vendor booth will become a great success. Having personnel on board is considered as one of the best virtual trade show booth ideas.

So, before even thinking of a virtual booth exhibition, ensure you are choosing the right virtual booth software for your event. The right software will have all the technical elements to match your event goals & strategies.

  • Live Chats:

Virtual trade show booth software facilitates a live chat option that helps attendees to connect with businesses instantly. Often people like to talk to the team to know more about the products & Services offered instantly. It is also noted that the majority of audience interest is inclined towards speaking with company representatives to learn about their product/service.

The best virtual trade show booth software offers all the interactive elements to create an amazing experience for audiences globally.

For more latest virtual trade show booth ideas & trends, reach out to VeeSpaces. Our experts will tour you through our virtual booth software & will make every effort to ensure your visit with us is a success.

  • Engaging Videos:

Videos are great engagers. We all know that! They can be either pre-recorded or live inserted. And, they are designed to carry successfully, every information about the business, brand, & its product/service. Videos are known to perform well on websites, social media and virtual booths because of their highly creative, engaging & immersive elements. According to the virtual reality events statistics 2020, videos are considered as best in generating positive ROI, improving target audience engagement and also bring-in good leads.

Having videos on virtual booths is a great idea. But, what content to add and where that content must be presented on the floor is the real question? Videos can be presentations, product/service explanatory visuals, or product overviews, Q&A’s, testimonials etc. People will love to watch what you are offering and to make your brand appear exemplary, virtual booth software like VeeSpaces is open 24*7*365.

  • Webinars:

Webinars are known to add value and enhance the experience of virtual reality events. Unlike brochures & videos, webinars carry most niche information about the industries, brands and businesses. They are an excellent means to generate the best-qualified leads, build trust & brand value, create a lasting impact, & mark your brand as a leader in the industry. Webinars enable audiences to ask questions, meet company representatives and deliver the most intimate experience to the audience anywhere anytime.

  • Hotspots:

Including educational hotspots in your virtual booths like infographics, animated graphics and pdf presentations creates enthusiasm in your audience to learn about your brand, products and service in a funny & engaging way.

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