Innovation & digitization have transformed business promotions & competitions like never before. A new wave is attracting business leaders & industries to leverage technology and explore the virtual realms, the most trending & game-changing strategy. Amid high competition, b2b and b2c markets want to succeed and make the best out of their businesses.

Customer is king, and markets need a comprehensive strategy that can go on even in pandemic times. To deliver a lifelike experience to customers, we have designed highly customized and unique spaces that cater to all businesses and their interests. And they are virtual booths. Virtual booths are 3D exhibition booth spaces that enable businesses to showcase their products/services for a long time. They are highly innovative, enticing, scalable and cost-effective.

In this article, let us have a look at the 8 Best Ideas to Promote Your Business Through Virtual Booths online.

1. Social Media Promotions

You may be an entrepreneur who just started the business journey or might be an industry giant. Having a robust social presence can elevate your brand and scale up your business.

Social media is all about creativity. Lakhs of people communicate and know each other every day online.

The power of social media is immeasurable, and leveraging the source for business promotions is considered the best strategy.

Promoting your business through a virtual event booth online can help you reach the right audience at the right time.

Here is the list of social platforms that can carry the best engagement to your target audience.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

2. E-mail Marketing

Responsive e-mail templates are magic! Designing & sharing newsletters with added links to your virtual booth platform, 3D Exhibition Booth, videos etc., with target groups and inviting them to visit or view your events is considered the most effective strategy to attract new potential clients.

You can also share new product launches, post updates about your products or services for post-event promotions.

3. Press Releases

Press releases are a traditional way to publish business news, articles, product details etc. The most efficient & supported means of business branding & promotions. Every virtual booth platform feature is unique. Presenting details about new features of the 3D Exhibition Booth can make your press release stand out.

Supporting your press release with appropriate images, documents, videos, logos, etc., is suggested. Further, showcasing the 3D exhibition booth design adds value to your brand.

4. Print QR Codes

Thanks to the smartphone technology that supports zero-touch transactions in these pandemic times. With QR code, people can attend the virtual booth platform, shop and make transactions swiftly & effortlessly.

Customers attending the virtual event booth can shop directly by scanning the QR code with their smartphones.

5. Special Tours for VIP Clients

Every event will have three types of customers, business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs & customers.

Industry leaders are notable honchos who stay busy most of the time. For them organizing special guided tours is suggested.

Sending out special e-mails with goodies, sharing links of the virtual booth platform & virtual booths tour demo attracts their focus to the information you are presenting.

Organizing special tours are considered the most effective strategies to boost sales & branding.

6. Product & Service Demos

Hosting demos & new product launches through a3D Exhibition Booth is a novel experience your audience would not want to miss.

You can also host exclusive webinars, giveaways, contests as a part of a special promotion.

Organizing audience engagement activities on the virtual booth platform & virtual booths creates a new hype around your brand &marketing.

7. SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

SMS & WhatsApp marketing is a means to promote a business/brand through content-rich messaging with added links.

You can share links to the virtual event booth, send invitations to clients to visit your 3D Exhibition Booth etc.

8. Touchscreens

Touchscreens can be allowed at the virtual event booth for entries and better interactions because traditional booths have limited space and not all products can be displayed. The on-site audience of trade shows & events can also browse videos, check speaker profiles, get contact info etc., on the virtual booth platform.


Virtual booths, the new concept is here to elevate your brand value and growth in the marketplace. You can showcase your innovations, products, services most authentically from the comfort of your homes.

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