Online and offline purchasing are two completely different experiences. A person usually acts emotionally and impulsively in the first case, but they can feel the product in the second case. When it comes to the second case, you are extremely careful in your decision-making process, but you cannot personally test the product. 

Does there exist a way to combine the best practices of in-store and online shopping, keeping in mind global tech trends and market demands? 

Yes, of course! Virtual showrooms might be your best bet in this instance. Here are the virtual showroom ideas to make your booth unique. 

So, what is a virtual showroom? 

A digital showroom allows brands and retailers to create their own virtual experience using artificial intelligence (AI), VR, and other technologies and metaverse software, so customers can browse through products in a new, immersive way. To put it simply, a virtual store is a VR staged environment with real-size 3D models of products for sale that can be shown simultaneously for many buyers. 

Why Business Need Virtual Showroom? 

Every business owner has been on the verge of releasing their best products and services throughout the year. You can no longer carry your enthusiasm and confidence every day with new business plans or products, since customers are reluctant to visit your shops and showrooms. As a business owner, you will not be able to display your new product line at exhibitions as you did pre-pandemic. 

Customers are now more comfortable with online/virtual interactions since the pandemic has changed how they interact with businesses and their purchasing decisions. 

However, people aren’t as confident to purchase them online since the 2D environment may not give them confidence in decision making because of the limited overall experience. 

As of today, only a few businesses have their presence online, while a few manufacturing and machine industries still rely on large exhibitions and showrooms and may or may not have an e-commerce facility where their products are sold. 

When you are on the brink of this situation, how do you respond? 

  • Manage the calamity 
  • How will you bring back your business to hype? 
  • How will you reach your business target? 

Additionally, the majority of customers still feel that shopping is incomplete without touching and feeling. Compared to e-commerce websites, physical shops have a much more limited visual presence. As a result, there is a big gap between your business and the customer. 

So, how we overcome this crisis? 

We, at VeeSpaces, decided to solve this problem in the market and bridge the gap between the businesses and the customers effectively, hence we have come up with a virtual showroom idea to build a unique showroom experience for your business. 

Make your Virtual Showroom Distinct – These Virtual Showroom Ideas Will Amaze You! 

AR-based product previews 

Give the user an AR-based product preview with 3D and 360-degree product display – the most engaging virtual showroom ideas to consider. With this unique feature, the audience can tour your showroom and explore your products in a highly distinct way. 

A sophisticated and accurate visualization 

3D photorealistic renderings are used in a digital showroom to emphasize the unique features of the product. In a virtual reality setting, every object is scrutinized by the user and must appear flawless from every viewpoint. In a virtual space, you may closely inspect any object, just like you would in the actual world. 

Activating components 

You may interact with items on screen thanks to immersive virtual showroom technology, blurring the line between the actual world and the virtual one. You may further immerse yourself in the environment and heighten the sense of reality by interacting with products using realistic sound effects and 3d visuals. In order to provide visitors with more information about the products in the scene, you may also add videos, photos, website URLs, and other contextual labels. 

Unlimited virtual space 

This virtual showroom idea offers the chance to go beyond time and virtual space. You may essentially increase the number of products shown indefinitely due to the endless virtual space. 

Live-chat feature 

Integrate with a live chat feature to guarantee your availability at all times. This enables customers to contact you if they have any queries as they browse your items. 

Simplified sales technique 

Virtual showrooms may help businesses reach a wider audience and improve the B2B sales process. Visitors may easily browse your items online and make purchases on the same platform by using a secure payment channel. Real-time analytics may also be used swiftly to identify which items are selling better than others and which ones might not be chosen. Consider this virtual showroom idea with VeeSpaces because we offer real-time insights with Google analytic integrations. 

Hybrid support showroom  

Showcase your product in a hybrid showroom space which brings together the best of both online and offline environments. Mimic your buyers with interactive hybrid features in an immersive 3D virtual showroom. 

Embedded on websites 

Give your website a rich user experience by embedding a small piece of code. Yes, by adding a small piece of code now you can transform your website into a digital showroom. No need for any application installation or technical knowledge required. 

With the developing technologies and digital tools, those virtual showroom ideas will develop your business in a unique way. Why is it because it provides customers with a wow factor, personalized approach, visualization, and comfort of buying products from anywhere. On the flip side, it also creates opportunities for both online and brick-and-motor stores to increase sales. 

In that line, top companies like IKEA, Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba and a few other businesses decided to explore both virtual and augmented reality for developing their business. Because, they know that in future AR/VR is going to rule this tech world and it will become necessity for all.  

If you are thinking of joining them, it’s the right time to explore VeeSpaces. Construct a realistic virtual showroom with us and contact us now.