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8 Top Industries Adopting 3D Virtual Booth Experiences

Virtual Booth Experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused companies to rethink their operations and marketing strategies. However, as a result, it has also allowed virtual exhibition booth(s) to showcase the benefits for various industries. Businesses reacted uniquely to this new normal; while some cancelled their live events, others were adequately able to adapt to booth virtual events. Here are some examples of industries that have adopted the use of booth design software to their advantage.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pandemic has opened doors for new advancements in technology and medicine. All healthcare industries have embraced the new, & the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t been far behind.

The pharmaceutical industry saw record growth during the pandemic. Despite the good fortune, the enterprises faced a paradoxical situation! Events were getting cancelled & the virtual exhibition booth was on the rise. One prime question that hovered around is

Globally, healthcare experts have adapted to the change and are hosting their events & conferences incessantly on the 3D virtual booth.

Chemical Processing Industry

Chemical processing is a highly unpredictable & challenging activity that has to go through many phases of checking before release. The challenges are even more when it comes to displaying the products in live environments. For live events: setting up, transporting equipment and materials is difficult, time-consuming, and can cause damages. Even companies have a tough time giving equal attention to all customers at the exhibition booth while managing the fragile stuff. With the onset of virtual exhibition booth, now even the chemical industry is experiencing good relief.

Booth design software like VeeSpaces makes it incredibly easy to organize, host & exhibit the most delicate stuff at virtual exhibition booth. Our platform’s 3D immersive booth virtual environment allows industries to showcase their products without any expensive setup &extra costs; all you need is just a bit of programming and designing.

Smart Water Industry

The water supply solution industry faced a similar problem as the one above. And even in these cases, booth virtual spaces have offered much better experiences & solutions. Most of the industry’s products are heavy and expensive, and it may not always be possible for brands to showcase them at live booths during exhibitions. With 3D virtual booth exhibits, industry leaders don’t need to worry about anything anymore.

Booth design software offers the industry leaders an opportunity to showcase their products using 3D immersive booth virtual experiences, where the audience can experience the product operation and learn about its benefits.

Refractory Industry

The refractory industry is another industry that is leading the way with a virtual exhibition booth. VeeSpaces 3D virtual booth software has helped many brands organise their events in these difficult times. Booth virtual exhibitions and experiences have numerous benefits for manufacturing industries; they help reach a vast audience without spending a mint on live events.

Booth virtual spaces have immense potential that you can explore. Few benefits include:

Education Industry

Education is one key industry that is widely adopting VR technology today. Virtual reality booths today are helping professors to deliver classroom lectures & sessions incessantly. Modern technology has introduced interactive learning into the classrooms. It also offers students an opportunity to design virtual models of their architectural or engineering ideas using headsets that give them a 3D perspective of what they’ve created on screen. In the education industry, virtual booths can simulate a variety of courses affordably and more engagingly.

Here are a very few examples of how the 3D virtual booth is helping the education industry?

Virtual Retail Showroom

When retail and eCommerce collide, it creates a new monster: virtual retail showrooms. They’re pretty damn cool! The virtual showrooms replace the regular, physical storefronts that we know and love with digital displays installed on any device.

Virtual Museum Tours Online

Virtual museum tours online are a 3D representation of the museum’s antique collections. The online art exhibition also offers storage systems for various items, with descriptive texts and images of the work inside. Using the Exhibition design software, museum patrons can view the entire collection without ever physically visiting them! Now, art lovers can virtually visit museums from across the world & thereby expand their art appreciation to an international level.

What’s new in-booth virtual museum tours online?

The ability to “touch” a work of art before buying it has given people a way to be a part of an online art exhibition that was previously exclusive. Some online art exhibition(s) are known to change their digital display from day to day, posting paintings from different artists each time, thereby adding an element of entertainment. Eliminating the physical space requirement also eliminated gallery fatigue.

Virtual Tourism

Travel has been a popular component in 3D virtual Tours for a few years now. It makes sense! After all, the world is a geographically diverse and varied place with plenty of wonders to explore. The virtual realm also allows us to explore this fascinating sphere without the high cost & effort of going off-planet. Virtual tourism applies a 3D experience to a given location. On the virtual Tour Software, travelers can experience the culture, climate & beauty of a particular place without renting a VR headset or taking a costly vacation.

VeeSpaces is a leading provider of 3D virtual booth design software for retailers, restaurants, education, travel, real estate & more. The company is known for developing technology that engages customers beyond just marketing messages. VeeSpaces cutting-edge software provides an immersive environment through which users can interact with products or brands virtually.

Our booth design software integrates 3D visualization technology to design digital environments for exhibits, retails and elsewhere. You can create a new brand experience within your desired budget and set goals. Request demo now

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