Integrate VeeSpaces Virtual University Widgets with your college/institution website

Invite students from all over the globe to your virtual booth. Organize virtual campus tours. Let students stay on top of all the latest news like open courses, fees, application deadlines, etc.

Smart, plug n play, VeeSpaces Virtual University Widgets. Connects student communities to global universities/educational institutions.

VeeSpaces On the Go!

  • 360°, AR-based Preview

    3D, 360° AR exhibit view allows students to explore and interact with the campus greatly. Upload courses, documents, videos etc. for student information. Attract & engage students from across the world with stunning designs and booth elements.

  • Posters & Logos

    Allows universities to add relevant posters & logos for a particular event/fair. Attractive HD banners, images & logos are thoughtfully placed to add value to the show.

  • Appointment Scheduler

    Create appointments and share timely reminders through Google Calendar invite, Calendly and other meeting URL integrations.


How they help?

VeeSpaces Virtual University Widgets can be installed on all main platforms like Wix, Weebly, Joomla, WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, Strikingly, Webflow, Typo3 and other custom websites.

Our widget helps you to setup your university booth in minutes. For better experience. Contact our support teams.



Share documents, pdfs, presentations etc. seamlessly with students, faculty, internal teams, parents, mentors. representatives etc.


Add informative videos, virtual campus tours, student testimonials etc. at the main page of your website


Create an interactive job board to organize virtual job fairs, showcase partnering companies, employee testimonials etc. Allows students to directly apply for jobs on the booth.


Make your student's job easier in finding the right course. Advertise courses on the virtual university booth. Allow students to explore and apply for courses instantly on the booth.

VeeSpaces Virtual University Widgets - Why are they important?

  Provides your students with a virtual, immersive, interactive environment that can be hosted 24*7*365.

  Create unique engagement and capture attention through ease of access. Students can access the virtual campus from anywhere, anytime and through any device.

  Reach global audience in minutes. Educators can share their knowledge seamlessly with students & other teachers.