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Showcase Science Fair Project Ideas on Virtual Reality

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Engage & Empower

  Projects Board - Explore virtual science fair ideas & virtual science fair presentations in 360° environments.

  AR-based Project Previews – Give a real touch to science fairs, projects & exhibitions in three-dimensional AR environments.


Activities to Engage

  Science Catalogues – Display catalogues & attract students to participate in science fairs. Provide detailed descriptions & videos for every project or experiment.

  Video Tutorials & Virtual Presentations - Students can ideate, work-on and receive feedback virtually about their projects. Live stream projects or upload pre-recorded experiments and share on-demand.


Win Awards for Your Science Projects

  Go International - Present your science fairs to a global audience. Invite and also participate in happening world forums & sessions. Promote your science fairs via the integrated social sharing button.


Widgets For Elevated Experience

  Integrations - Generate dynamic QR codes for business cards, documents, videos and virtual booths. The same QR stickers can be printed &placed at the onsite booth.

  Widgets - Bring science close to students & young innovators via Widgets. VeeSpaces integrations can work on Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Square Space, etc.


Promote Science Post-event

  Event Analytics at Your Tips - Measure your fair's performance, capture live analytics, check out audience activities and quickly record buyer interests via integrated Google Analytics.


Who's Benefits From VeeSpaces

  Schools, Colleges, Universities host science exhibitions, allow students to present their projects, pitch their ideas, take tips from experts, even encourage & drive students to become future scientists.

VeeSpaces Tools To Manage, Promote & Market Your Science Fair

Science Fair Management

Digital Information Management
Manage all your assets from a single virtual science fair board - a powerful, secure & centralized system. Get access to all vital data in one system.

Science Fair Spaces

3D Digital Science Fair
Present & share your science projects, presentations & prototypes in 3D. Carry out experiments.

Handle Widgets with Ease

Augmented Product Previews
Launch your science fair in minutes. With just a small piece of code embedded, you can turn your school/college website into a digital science fair. Integrated VeeSpaces widgets make the experience simpler for your audience.

Ready to Share Your Science Projects with the World?

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