Convert your Website into an Amazing Virtual Reality Art Gallery

Allow people to indulge in your diverse art collections & also virtually try out your master collections on their walls or other sample environments. It's simple and easy. With just a small piece of code, you can turn your website into a fantastic virtual art gallery.

Intuitive and quick, our VeeSpaces virtual art gallery online allows your clients to experience art before buying.

VeeSpaces On the Go!

  • 3D, 360° View

    Allow your audience to experience the virtual magic. Let them engage in the latest and most happening art exhibitions across the world. Explore 3D, 360° views, virtual tours, photography and videos of large & small art exhibitions.

  • Gallery View

    Art enthusiasts can check out the latest art collections for inspiration! World-renowned artists, people who enjoy viewing artworks and those seeking creative inspiration might discover great works here on the website.

  • Widget-based System

    Our widgets are responsive and can be quickly embedded on any website & platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy etc.


How does it work?

We believe in minimal coding. Just take the code, paste it into your root website and publish. Watch your website turn into a beautiful virtual art gallery in just a few seconds.

Install VeeSpaces virtual art gallery widgets on platforms like Wix, Weebly, Joomla, WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, Strikingly, Webflow, Typo3 and other custom websites. For any special guidance & support, please contact our support team.



Reinforce your artistic style or give visitors the best experience. In any way, virtual art gallery on your website can increase online conversions greatly.


Engage with your prospects through art. Our VeeSpaces Virtual Art Gallery Widget can help you do just that.


Enjoy the virtual preview. Brands can compose galleries the way they want, using customized alignment and spacing, etc.


Augmented Reality based virtual try out for Art/Exhibit item preview. View and share the artwork instantly over phone or tab or computer with just a few taps.


Already running a physical art exhibition? Now extend your art exhibition to virtual with the best virtual art gallery software.

Let your onsite audience explore the art collections through QR-based exhibit item information.

VeeSpaces Virtual Art Gallery Widget Seamlessly Integrates with your Website

  Use the AR preview feature to experience artwork in the location of your choice.

  Our VeeSpaces virtual art gallery software allows the audience to check if they bought the right art for their space and also if that perfectly blends with their spaces.

  Allows the audience to generate high-quality previews instantly.