Maximize your ROI from Events & Marketing campaigns

Does your stand/exhibition exist only on your big day? Let’s make your stand visible online for 365 days in a new dimension with VeeSpaces.

Let’s make your stand visible during and after the fair. After your physical exhibition is being dismantled, your digital stand will continuously be online on VeeSpaces 365/24/7. Reuse it for upcoming events, empower your in-field & online sales team with 3D & AR products demonstration 365 days. Use our QRBadges for Marketing: A new way to bridge the gap between print and online advertising, make your business card, brochures, Billboards, Display boards more powerful.

Worried about your last-minute logistics issues? Use our digital tools to save from the disasters. Use our digital business card to exchange contactless; Running out of printed materials, use our digital catalogues; Bring Remote sales team via Video Call to answer customers; Collect leads replacing guest books, synced automatically.

Exhibition Kit

Exhibiting Made Easy

Virtual Business Card - Create your virtual business card with rich content and share it from anywhere & anytime easily.

Product / Service Landing Page - Showcase your product or service's features and benefits with a well defined page.

Digital Product Catalogue - The perfect digital catalogue of your products with images and descriptions with QR code tracking, share it with prospects

Lead Collection Forms - Captures your leads instantly from visitors by avoiding manual form filling in (online & offline).

3D & AR Sales Power Tool

Empower Your Sales Team

Exhibition Sales - Provides 3D & AR product presentations to enhance the potential customer buying experience with your stall visitors.

In-Field Sales - Make use of your AR product preview on any device with a browser in in-field sales that empowers you to sell more.

Outline sales & Presentation - The ideal way to present your product that can reach more people than a simple preview.

Virtual Space

Branded 3D, 360° Immersive & Interactive Space

Branding - Branded environments are the future of selling, VeeSpaces offer a virtual space where you can add your branding

Lead Collection Forms - Start collecting leads with our Lead Collection Forms, this gets you the right audience to make an impression.

Digital Information Management - Manage from a single dashboard & a highly centralized system. Optimize all the information (videos, documents, catalogues, services offered, contact information), buyer activities, and marketing data in one system.

Embedded Website Widget - Make use of our widget and provide a rich and better experience for your audience and exhibitors

Virtual Showrooms - Enhance your online presence and your improve conversion rate with 3D, 360° immersive space.

Webinars - Add a webinar to your expo and provide valuable information to the audience with the interactive experience.

QR Code Stickers & QR Badges

Connecting Print Media To Online Campaigns

Print Media Campaign Tracking - Run a successful printed media campaign using QR codes and provide more engaging marketing materials.

Digital Campaign Tracking - Keep track of your digital campaign in real time and analyze the effectiveness with QR codes.

QR Code Sticker Generator - Create and customize your own QR code that drives customers directly to your business page or other.

VR Exhibitions

Create, Design & Share Your Own VR Exhibition

Create Your Own - Unlimited opportunities for customization to create your real sense of space of any size, and texture with high-quality, real-time rendering.

Upload Your Content - Upload your images and videos from the variety of 3D models or import your own. Preserves every detail in 3D and makes the artwork stand out.

Enrich Experience - Enjoy your exhibition with additional audio and video elements from any device, with direct inquiring about a piece to purchase.

VR Presentations at your spaces

Excite Customers & Enhance your Visibility

3D Virtual Tour - The guided tour helps new visitors to showcase the beauty of each property with ease of navigation and acts as a powerful marketing method.

Immersive Experience - Put on a VR headset to enter a virtual world, get a distraction-free environment, and let them feel art in a completely new way.

Product Presentation - Sell the experience, not the product. VR tells the whole story by presenting multiple scenarios that directly address the desires and needs of the customer.

Digital Business Cards

Inspire Your Customers Digitally

Customization - Create your Virtual Business Card within minutes with impressive rich content & design that matches your brand.

Share Your Card - Share your Digital Business Card through a variety of sharing channels from anywhere & anytime.

Contactless Experience - Safely share your details with a contactless experience in seconds and eliminates missed and damaged cards.

AR Business Cards

Excel Your Networking with AR Business Cards

App Less Technology - Functions without any app. Works with the built-in smartphone camera, and AR business card initiates the immersive experience in the mobile browser.

Link to Anything - Allows you to link anything, your social media handles, official websites, contact numbers, or email ids.

Images & Videos - Run videos and show images with a better way of engaging and making an impression that lasts forever.

Leads Capture System

Capture and qualify leads onsite

Some Events Have Badges... Some Don't - No matter what the event organizer throws at you. At every event, VeeSpaces enables your people to capture contact information.

Scan a Card – With just a quick scan of a business card or name badge, you can capture the lead. It works.

Mobile apps with Offline support – Our Android & iOS mobile apps work well in Offline, sync the data later & push the data into CRM systems.

Features that drive your growth

Robust features to maximize your leads collection from events, increase engagement from marketing campigns, Empower your sales presentations to increase sales


Upload your own logo and posters to brand your virtual booth

Virtual Business Card

Create & Share your virtual business card with your booth visitors.


Exhibit your company videos, services & product demo videos in your virtual booth.


Visitors can browse through your press releases, brochures, information sheets, fact sheets and download them

Live Chat

Chat with your SALES AND SUPPORT team staffs.

Appointment Booking

Integrate your own calendar that helps the visitor to book an appointment, Schedule a personal demo or meeting

Presentation Lounge

Interact with your customers through Video calls, Screen Sharing and Live Chats

Lead Capture

Capture leads right within the experience using our tools or send them directly to your own marketing automation system through a variety of methods.

Social Sharing Button

your virtual booth in social medias using Social sharing button

AR Previews

Bring experiences to life with the most authentic AR-based previews.


Quickly add a virtual booth to your existing website with technology that instantly mimics your current design. No coding or software installation is required.


Add a webinar space on your 3D virtual booth to promote your webinars. Visitors can watch the Webinars presentation in the virtual booth itself.

Dynamic landing pages

Pick from our 12+ different dynamic pages that satisfy your needs: Virtual space, documents, and videos, service page, jobs board, vcard and so on.

QR Code Design Suite & Templates

Choose from our templates or customize the colors and appearance of your QR code to attract more scans with our intuitive design suite.

Reports & Analytics

Get insightful reports of visitor behaviours


Give access to all your contents to your Physical booth visitors participating in any exhibition using QR Codes. Use our QR Based stickers generated by the system in your physical booths and give access to Business Card (Contact information), all documents, all presentation videos, appointment Booking URL.

Digital Information Management (DIM) System

Give access to all your contents to your Physical booth visitors participating in any exhibition using QR Codes. Use our QR Based stickers generated by the system in your physical booths and give access to Business Card (Contact information), all documents, all presentation videos, appointment Booking URL.

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