We are in a world where everyone is trying to stand out in business, you only have one chance to make a good impression on potential clients or customers, so you need to make sure your business card is up to the level. QR code business card is a unique way to help your business card stand out from the competition. By scanning the QR code, customers can be directed to your website, social media page, or even a video about your company. Digital business cards allow you to quickly and easily give them information about your company that they can access at their convenience. 

What does a QR code for business cards mean? 

Simply said, a QR code for business cards refers to a contact information card with a QR integrated on it, whether it be digital or physical. The QR Code connects viewers to a person’s contact information upon scanning, including name, phone number, address, email, website, social network handles, and landing/campaign pages that have been specially designed. 

 A QR Code may be utilized on digital business cards in one of two ways: 

  •  With the help of QR code generator your contact information may be encoded with a QR Code and added to a business card. 
  • Directly distribute the QR Code using email, social media, outdoor advertising, flyers, etc. 

Top 10 Advantages of Using QR code for business cards 

More than 25 million business cards are printed daily. People don’t want to take a phone and enter the contact details from the card. The digital business card also known as vCard Plus gives the solution. With the help of QR code generator, businesses can easily still use this QR code business card as a sales and marketing tools. 

1. Improves networking

Many service providers like sales & marketing people, insurance agents, real estate agents, consultants, and many other uses business cards to improve networking for their business. But standing out from the crowd to improve networking is difficult. There comes vCard plus, a new way to network that uses QR code business card to store and share contact information. By printing them to your card, allow people to get information easily. 

2. Increase the boundaries of space

3.5 x 2 inches is the typical size for digital business cards. The spatial limitations are challenging. Designers only have access to this tiny piece of paper for their job. This restriction might be scary for many designers, especially if you use the back. A well-designed company can accommodate a particular volume of data. However, with the QR code generator a QR code to your business card will “remove” its physical limitations. The space is now infinite if you set up that QR code to launch your website! We firmly think that QR code business card was created to coexist. 

3. Adapt your business cards for use on digital platforms

The text and picture content of printed marketing materials, such as digital business cards, can include personal information like your name and email address as well as brand logos and social networking icons. But that’s really all there is. Currently, QR codes may activate a variety of activities, as we indicated at the beginning of this post. As a result, QR code for business cards may be used to play a movie, a music, send an email or message, or even request money. 

4. Instant contact sharing

In physical business cards, people need to save the contact from card to phone. This may cause an error in saving the number, time-consuming and some people will lose the card. This leads to reduced networking opportunities. 

But digital business cards save time and helps with the instant contact-saving process, so create a perfect QR code with the VeeSpaces QR code generator. People scanning the QR code business card can direct to the profile and can get the information they want to save. This leads to faster networking with instant contact sharing. 

5.  Share business card information using QR code

Physical business cards can’t store much information because they have a standard size. Most of these cards possess a name, contact number, email ID, and address. If anyone wants to share social media profiles or their website, it is difficult for them to add. 

But the QR code business card helps to share more information than the basic details. With the help of QR code generator you can add your website links, photos of your product, social media profile, and many others. So, the targeted customer gets more information about your business.  

6. Updates business card information

All digital business cards need to be updated, once they made any changes. Suppose if they change the location of the office or change in phone number we cannot distribute the same card, we need to print the new one to distribute, this cost high. 

But the QR code business card, allows you to edit the information in real-time for infinite times with the same vCard Plus QR code. This reduces the expenses and avoids losing customers.  

7. To gauge interest and monitor client involvement

Traditional business cards don’t allow you to gauge a prospect’s interest or monitor whether they interacted with your card. They may have thrown the card away or attempted to call you but were unsuccessful. You couldn’t be certain! 

The following metrics, however, may be tracked using QR scan monitoring when a dynamic QR code is printed on business cards: 

  •  You can keep track of how many people really engaged with your card by counting the total number of QR Code scans. This QR code is generated using the QR code generator. 
  • Successful QR campaigns: Consider that you are A/B testing your networking efforts by using several QR-based business cards. You may monitor campaign success using QR Code analytics feature to focus more on what’s working and stop/optimize what isn’t. 
  • With QR code business card you can determine the total number of unique users enables you to determine the number of distinct prospects who expressed interest in your services. 
  • Location, time of day, and device scans: aids in determining customer interest across various regions, time zones, and mobile devices. 

8. Increased network connections

You can share the vCard Plus QR code on many online and offline channels, this helps increased reach and more connections. But with the QR code business card, you need to hand it over in person, there is no other way to distribute it. The reach in this segment is limited and consumes more time process. 

9. Authorize employees with QR code business cards

HR managers can provide vCard Plus QR codes on employee business cards. Employees in sales and marketing firms need to distribute business cards so that they can convert customers. By providing QR code business card, customers can scan the vCard Plus QR code to get the contact information, this will avoid limitations. 

10. Monitor leads and return on investment

QR code business card is crucial for generating leads and eventually boosting profits, as marketing professionals are aware. But the inability to measure the efficiency of printed media has always been a concern. An early proponent of marketing and the founder of what would become Macy’s, John Wanamaker, reportedly quipped: “Half the money I spend on advertising is squandered; the problem is I don’t know which half.” However, because QR codes can be monitored, it is simple to determine the success of a particular campaign as well as to discover where certain leads may be coming from (or business cards overall). 

Where you can place your vCard plus QR code? 

Let’s show off in different places. 

  • Business cards 
  • Email Signatures 
  • CV  
  • Websites 
  • Flyers 

 Wrap Up 

Digital business cards are an important tool for any business to have. They can help people remember who you are and can be an important way of building trust with your clients. With the QR code business card, you will be able to make your business card more visible and memorable. By allowing people to quickly and easily scan your code and get more information about you and your business, you can make a lasting impression with the help of QR code generator. Contact us today.