If you manage a business, big or small, you understand the importance of creating and maintaining strong relationships with your clients. Good networking can make or break your business. And in today’s digital world, one of the most important aspects of networking is your virtual business cards. With so many choices and options available, it can be hard to decide which smart digital business card solution is best for you and your company. But don’t worry, here’s all you need to know about digital business cards, and the best solutions to create them.  

What are Digital Business Cards? 

A digital business card is an online version of a traditional paper business card. It is also known as a virtual business card, or smart digital business card. It contains information like contact details, address, and email id. 

There are several benefits to using a digital business card over a traditional business card. First, a digital business card is more likely to be seen by potential customers and clients. Second, a digital business card can be easily shared with others via email, and social media. Finally, a digital business card can be updated more easily with new information than a paper business card. They are also environmentally friendly and can be stored electronically for easy access. 

How does a digital business cards work? 

The digital business card is a simple way to share your contact information. You can share your QR code business card in the following ways. 

  • You can share the URL via online mediums like social media, email, text messages, etc. 
  • Print the QR code on magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers, etc 
  • And create a vCard plus QR code to print on business cards. 

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Benefits of Using Virtual Business Cards

Due of the laborious contact-saving procedure, business cards have a low return on investment. The name and phone number from the card must be manually entered, which takes time and is prone to mistakes. The individual can input the incorrect name or phone number, losing a chance to network. 

Additionally, there are drawbacks for cardholders of virtual business cards. If you need to update anything, you must print new cards because there isn’t much room for it. 

These obstacles may all be solved with the use of digital business cards. Let’s examine the advantages of smart digital business card. 

Increase your network of contacts and networking 

A user-friendly and mobile-first experience provided by QR code business cards promotes networking and leads to more relationships more quickly. Digital business cards help you establish more connections and increase your return on investment. 

Permit individuals to quickly save your information 

A digital business card makes it quick and simple to save a contact. On the display page, you can include a button that will enable users to store your contact without having to manually enter their information. The smart digital business card speeds up the procedure and lowers the chance that incorrect information will be entered. 

Edit your data without printing it again 

A digital business card’s information is editable. Additionally, because digital business card QR codes are dynamic, you may change the information without having to print a new QR code. 

Boost marketing and sales initiatives 

Digital business cards can be used by sales and marketing teams to engage with new customers. With a single scan, they may distribute their contact information, quickly expanding their network. Sales and marketing representatives may engage with prospects and close deals more easily by using QR code business cards. 

Significance of Using Virtual business cards

  • They are more efficient than traditional business cards because you can quickly scan the QR code and save the virtual business cards to your phone or another device. 
  • Second, they are more environmentally friendly because you don’t have to print as many physical copies of the smart digital business cards. 
  • The digital business card allows you to include more information on your card than a traditional business card since there is more space on a digital card. 

What you can include in your digital business card? 

  • Your name with image 
  • Contact number 
  •  Address 
  • Multimedia 
  • Social media links 
  • Website links 

If needed you can add information based on your business in your virtual business card. Create your Virtual Business Card within minutes with impressive rich content & design that matches your brand with VeeSpaces. 

Five best solutions for creating virtual business cards


It is a QR code management platform to create and manage QR code business cards and vCard plus QR code for redirecting to the digital business card. Create a vCard plus a QR code and print it on your business card. You can also add a save button to your smart digital business card so that people can easily save with manual effort. 

 Key factors: 

  • Exclusive designs with colors, fonts, and more 
  • Unlimited editing without printing  
  • Add videos, and images on the digital business card 


It is a Digital business card solution to create and manage digital business cards. It helps to create mobile-friendly digital business cards which are easy to use and best for beginners. Possess easy trackable options with an analytics dashboard. 

Key factors: 

  • Full customization options with design templates 
  • Analytics dashboard to track 


It helps to createdigital business cards for all types of industries and professions. L-Card Design Suite consists of customization options and templates. In this solution, the QR code is not customizable, only the default QR code design. 

Key factors: 

  • Easy to use 
  • Customization options 
  • Ideal for professionals 


It is a digital business card solution to create digital cards with a few steps. Just select the template you want, and create a custom digital business card.You can add buttons to call, text, or email for easy networking. But you can’t edit your QR codes. 

Key factors: 

  • Customizable templates 
  • Scan analytics 
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android  

QR Code Generator

It is a QR code creation tool to create a vCard Plus profile, with basic information such as name, contact details, address, and website. vCard Plus QR code helps to redirect users to your vCard Plus profile page.  

Key factors: 

  • QR code for virtual business card 
  • Easy to create and share 
  • Edit without reprinting the QR code 


In conclusion, digital business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression and they are also very convenient. There are many different ways to create digital business cards, so be sure to find the best solution for you. You can also use digital business cards as an opportunity to stand out from the competition by improving networking opportunities. Digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason.