Virtual events bring an array of opportunities to design unique engagement strategies for better audience attention. Most industry leaders today believe that as the virtual reality concept is extensive, there will be n number of attention-grabbing ideas to apply. But which strategies can convert the audience attention to direct leads is the real question?

And that’s where virtual tour software comes in! So, in this article today, let us learn about the benefits of 3d virtual tours.

Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours

1. Customized Virtual Tour Software Designs Rule

Personalized spaces are custom-designed to match client’s virtual events goals and interests. The virtual tour software applications are diverse. Yet, they share a common goal and that is to make the interaction better for the audience.

Now let us check with some use case examples. In what ways a virtual tour software can be used every day.

  • As in-person campus tours are restricted, global universities are showing interest in presenting their campus premises to students through the virtual tour software.
  • Hospitality & tourism are also adopting the virtual tour software to tour their clients across the places they would visit & stay for better safety & experience.
  • Corporates & industrial sectors are choosing the best virtual tour software to drive their new employees through the office & meeting spaces.

The benefits of 3d virtual tours are vast &so numerous use cases can be designed to apply to any situation or demand.

2. Helps Create Engaging, Immersive Experiences

Current markets envision that the future of the events industry lies in adapting to virtual & hybrid models. So, organizers are planning to introduce immersive concepts like virtual tours for enhanced audience engagement. And it is also understood that so far, the very much promising marketing plans no longer hold importance as people are migrating their interest & focus to virtual events. So, virtual tour software if put to the best advantage can help you do good marketing, build excellent client relations &deliver the best engagement.

3. Embrace the Dynamic Presence

Regular static experiences are replaced with modern dynamic content. With the best virtual tour software, you can integrate apps, disintegrate content from the website and add it to your virtual tour and do much more. There is nothing that technology cannot change or offer in this digital age. Further promoting the virtual tour through social media can create the next level of hype for your event/brand.

4. Lead Generation becomes Easy

A well-planned virtual tour is enough to get you the much-needed attention. But with the best virtual tour software, you can also ensure better conversion rates through targeted marketing and promotional activities. Further, the call-to-action given in the tour will boost the activity on the platform and gives you some well-qualified leads and maximum ROI.

5. Create Compelling Stories for your Audience

Storytelling is a popular concept on the event floor. Be it live, virtual or hybrid, if the concept fits the goal, it is sure to leave a mark on your audience. Creating a compelling story and embedding that into the virtual tour software not only creates excitement & engagement but also makes your audience explore the artistic side of the brand or business.

Your story can include

  • Your organization’s core values, vision and strategies are ahead.
  • Challenges and thoughtful solutions.
  • Marketing concepts.
  • What’s new? Etc.

6. Better In-house Training

With corporates adopting to work from home as their new normal, in-house induction & training sessions too have gone virtual. Employee performance & productivity greatly depends on training. The Q&A sessions ease and solve most of the interpersonal issues and work from home challenges. With the best virtual tour software, you can host training sessions, improve employee performance and also plan for effective strategies to make your employees feel comfortable with the new system and workflow.

7. Connect Emotionally with your Audience

Research states that 95% of audience purchase decisions are based on their emotional thinking.So, virtual tours can be customized to carry guided messages that can connect emotionally with your audience. Colourful lifelike virtual venues can be designed to give the audience a feeling that they are interacting in a live environment.

8. Your Audience is Everywhere

In the virtual realm, there is scope for infinite connectivity online. So, your audience is scattered across the globe. With the best virtual tour software and the right promotions, you can make yourself available at the right place at the right time. Business growth is all about connecting the dots, networking and making the magic happen. The magic here can refer to something indulging and enticing like a virtual tour.

So, here we share some of the benefits of 3d virtual tours. And to learn more about the features of virtual booths& virtual tour software, book your demo today!

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