The 3D virtual booth is a personalized business brand space within a larger event. The main agenda behind exhibitors having the 3D virtual booth set up is to meet & engage with attendees globally. As in-person events are restricted, virtual booth experiences are taking to the top in the marketplace and are considered as the best means to continue businesses in these uncertain times. The advantages of having a 3D virtual booth exhibition for your business are enormous. There are endless possibilities for better engagement & collaboration between the sponsors, exhibitors & participants. Diverse features, numerous elements & assets like static text, logos, banners, video, speakers and live chats etc. are presented to elevate the customer experience. 

A virtual booth experience can be designed in either 3D or flat mode. Unlike real events, the attendees here can directly chat with the sponsors & exhibitors. The platforms are found to bring in a lot of flexibility for greater collaboration. They can be used to create instant conversations, host live discussions or demos, book appointments, host webinars & do more. 

Listed are a few best benefits of creating a 3D virtual booth exhibition for your business. 

Virtual booth exhibitions are perfect for hosting online fairs, conferences, webinars, summits, exhibitions, expos, stalls & more. With a virtual booth exhibition, you can 

  1. Create exquisite booth spaces for enhanced online presence. 
  2. Instantly upload data to websites and social media for broader reach. 
  3. Change the face of your product range with an interactive online experience. 
  4. Share the virtual experience with your prestigious clients to give them a real-time vision of your product range. 

Creating a 3D virtual booth experience is a game-changing strategy now as physical spaces are no longer the only option. 


The 5 Benefits of Adopting a Virtual Trade Show Booth Software 

  1. Gain More Potential Clients

    Having a personalized 3D virtual booth space elevates your online brand value. You can connect with your potential customers & indeed make your clients come to you before, during and after the virtual trade fair. 
  2. Maintain Brand Presence Post Event

    The main reason behind organizations increasingly adopting virtual trade show booths today is to render a lasting presence. Statistics state that, when compared to in-person events, the virtual reality impact & presence lasts longer on the audience 
  3. Cost Effective: Virtual trade show booths

    are highly economical spaces as no real elements are involved anywhere. The majority of the investment goes into the planning, technical elements, backend, speakers, on-floor managers, support staff & marketing activities. 
  4. Easy Connectivity

    You can connect with the organizers, speak with sponsors or important personnel on board with just a click. This is one of the best facilities that virtual trade show booths offer. People often have a live chat option to communicate with the person of their choice. 
  5. Broader Reach

    Exhibitors can achieve broader reach globally before, during and after the event. Numerous people from across the globe can connect & participate in the event in their respective time zones which generates high traffic to your Exhibition booth. 

Exploring the Features of the Exhibition Booth

Well, that must have piqued your interest by now. So, here we bring some much-needed features data to brighten your knowledge. 

With host my booth you can, 

1) Insert Videos On-screen 

You can either load a pre-recorded video or create a company intro video or product demo & live upload to share the data with your audiences. Also, streamline videos for webinars, presentations and expos etc. Our host my booth is completely adaptable & so, can display all the visual content you want to share with your customers. 


2) View & Download Posters & Publications

You can share from scientific materials to highly confidential materials across to your clients in just a click. You can choose to share the information to view or download as per your choice. Posters & publications are enabled to download for your audience. Visitors can also browse through your press releases, brochures, information sheets, fact sheets and download them. 


3) Give Your Audience a Virtual Tour 

Own the space. Take your clients on a guided virtual tour to explain to them the features, product descriptions, tools & benefits of being a part of the event. Move quickly and slide easily across multiple exhibition booth spaces at the event. 


4) Integrations 

Host my booth enables innovative integrations into your exhibition booth space to promote your company pipeline. Embed your company weblink or other informative links to make content accessible & downloadable for your clients. 

Surprise your guests with a touch of Augmented Reality! 


5) Auto Guided Tours  

Get the best-customized hotspots for educational & marketing purposes. Adding them to the audio tour, giving explanations with examples in real-time is an experience your audience will not want to miss. 

Host my booth can embed the videos into your website smartly. To visit & interact with your space, all your customer needs is aweb navigator. Our virtual event booth technology is designed to stay compatible with most of the web navigators (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and over different devices (PC, tablet, mobile). 

Invite your clients, sponsors, exhibitors & speakers to unveil the most unique experience ever. The personalized concepts & advanced tools allow presenting your product in the most innovative way. 


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