VR Product Demos at Events

VR at events is a new form of immersive media making its way into the tradeshow industry. With VeeSpaces, you can attract potential customers, create interactive experiences for booth visitors & stand out from your competitors.

VR Presentation at Tradeshow Booths

Experience a unique presentation tool for trade show booths. Present your concepts to the world via VeeSpaces virtual reality product presentations. Best for industries such as healthcare, education, banking, corporate, government etc.

Virtual Tour Experiences with Visitors

Engage your visitors and give them an immersive experience of your museum or attraction. Using 360-degree photos & videos, you can create a virtual tour that gives visitors a realistic sense of what it would be like to visit in person. You can also use virtual tours to highlight specific exhibits or areas of interest and to provide information about your facility that visitors might not otherwise be able to access.

VR Product Demonstrations

Get feedback from potential customers on prototypes & products in the development stage. Instant feedback allows companies to have quicker development cycles and better-informed decision-making. Additionally, VR product demonstrations can help companies to assess customer interest in a product and gauge market demand.

VR Presentation at Office

Ready to explore what a VR presentation at your office looks like? Know-how VR can be used to create immersive, realistic environments for corporate in-house training, demos, induction programs and education purposes.

VR Presentation at Factory

Give a virtual tour of your factory products, heavy, immovable machinery, manufacturing, outlets & many more with VeeSpaces VR presentations. A unique opportunity to create & share virtual 3D presentations of your products/ideas with your teams, global audience & clients.

VR Presentation at Showroom

Showcase your products in an innovative & immersive 3D virtual reality world. Create realistic designs that perfectly replicate your real-world products. Display your products most authentically to people sitting anywhere across the globe.

VR Presentation at Client Site Visit

Let your sales team surprise your clients & visitors with a dynamic virtual reality site presentation. Be it a new real estate project, office building, hospital construction, school, or industry, now you can attract clients/partners even before the construction has started.

Analytics & Reports

Get detailed analytics & interactive reports delivered straight to your inbox. Choose what details to be covered & invest your valuable time & assets to cover the same. Get unique & true insights delivered & exported to your CRM.

Convert Visitors into Leads with Virtual Reality at Events

Build Brand Awareness, Stand Out Amongst your Competitors with VR Product Demos

Improve Customer Base

A recent study showed that, on average, companies that included virtual reality in their sales process saw an increase in sales by 16%. It is likely because providing a new and exciting customer experience, & valuable insight into your products help customers make faster & better buying decisions.

Reduce Travel Costs

Augmenting your sales materials with virtual product presentations enables potential customers to experience your products from anywhere, anytime. An effective way to lower the need for numerous sales meetings and, in turn, reduces travel costs.

Enhanced Visibility

If you want potential customers to fall in love with your product, it is vital to ensure the look and feel of your product are up to par. Stores that offer an additional virtual product presentation can increase their qualified leads by 48%. Because the new approach enables potential customers to experience products innovatively rather than just in a picture or website. 

Cut Testing Costs

With a VR experience, you can give visitors a taste of your product idea in a virtual world. You can survey their response and get feedback, which will help speed up the development process. Capture invaluable feedback directly from your potential clients & get ideas to build user-friendly products with VeeSpaces.

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