For large brick-and-mortar stores that want to offer a glance of a service or product, there’s the 10×10 feet approach.  But if you need more room to showcase various alternatives, going for an online virtual showroom is the best bet. One of the best decisions that you can make for your business is “to install a 3D virtual showroom.” The online virtual showroom are highly creative spaces that showcase customers products, features, comparative trends, reports and much more. Not all digital booths are the same.  

Creating a perfect 3D virtual showroom for your customers couldn’t be easier with digital displays like Veespaces 3d-view, immersive, full-motion walls.  The modern, creative, virtual showroom spaces let people move around and explore different levels of the product naturally. 


What is a 3D Virtual Showroom? 

A 3D virtual showroom is a digitally created version of an actual traditional showroom. There is no need to rent an expensive location, invest in printing material, or worry about cancellation charges.  

The new online virtual showrooms are intelligent, easy to install and run, and fun to manage. 

A 3D virtual showroom is highly economical software. Flexible for users, scalable for exhibitors, and renders 100% benefits for users. It uses pre-loaded graphics and slides to entertain visitors. 

Brands can design innovative models, providing product photos and features, pricing, and delivery information. Some digital showroom platforms have 3D virtual sampling functionalities that can engage clients immensely in a virtual shopping experience. 

Many companies are searching for ways to make their spaces more interactive and beneficial due to the high level of IoT integration with existing systems today. 

The McKinsey report states that both sellers and buyers are preferring the new digital reality. Around 70% of decision-makers have already adopted remote human interactions or digital self-service. 

3D virtual showrooms are helping buyers learn about products in detail & are also enabling brands to promote their best masterpieces.  

There are also numerous other benefits involved in adopting an online virtual showroom. Here are some of them. 

  1. Retailers can save plenty of money.
  2. Brands can demonstrate a variety of products online. 
  3. Sustainability is promoted, And  
  4. 100% safety guaranteed. 


The benefits of online virtual showrooms for brands & retailers 

Fashion, beauty, home design brands and retailers are using 3D virtual showrooms to bring the entire sales and buying process online, making it simple & faster for everyone involved. 

Brands can upload their collections to the showroom platform so that retail buyers can visit & check the whole collection when it is convenient for them. 

Traditionally, this would happen at a trade show or a brand’s physical showroom during a set period, also known as a market week. Physical showroom spaces & sales demand a lot of scheduling, and the amount of service is also limited based on the audience capacity. 

Today, brands are using digital showrooms to allow buyers view their products more efficiently. Multiple buyers are allowed to browse the spaces and purchase products as they like. 

Retailers are using these platforms to discover new collections and place multiple orders instantly without having to spend their entire day online. 

Online Virtual Showroom: Top 4 Platforms to Consider 

There is a myriad of platforms and event models online to host, view, and exhibit events.  

Diverse features supporting numerous functionalities are blended to streamline processes and offer a holistic experience. 

Here we share some top online virtual showroom software’s for your information. 

1) JOOR 

JOOR is a wholesale data exchange platform that connects retailers with the best deals. They also have a marketplace with thousands of buyers and sellers. 

You can share dynamic videos, 3D interactive images, and audio of your products. For example, you can share videos of runway shows, behind-the-scenes clips, and product performance with your customers. 

With JOOR, you can schedule virtual appointments with buyers instantly and share product details online. Further, the style board feature helps you to customize your products to the needs of different clients. 

Exhibitors can categorize & group their products according to the buyer’s purchase history, their location, and other niche factors. 

Building 3D virtual showrooms and tailored shopping events for retail buyers imparts value to the brand. It also leads to more effective buying appointments. 

JOOR’s latest tool, JOOR Passport, centralizes and digitizes the experience of trade shows with a single login. 

The dashboard gives you a real-time view of the performance and insights of your business. You can collaborate with clients on buying, visualize collections, and share data with teams instantly online. 

2) BrandLab360 

BrandLab360 recreates brand showrooms and retail spaces using VR & immersive technology. It also provides the tools to create any digital space through 3D modelling, including integrations. 

The benefits of VR are that it removes many limitations of the physical showroom. You can minimize restraints, challenges of space and configuration, and significant costs related to maintaining a physical space. 

On BrandLab360. unlimited users can view your products simultaneously, thereby giving you a better chance of selling to multiple buyers. You can also invite friends & consumers to their private shopping experience. 

3) VeeSpaces 

VeeSpaces is a profoundly artistic, immersive 3D virtual showroom software that helps create an excellent event in minutes.  

Exhibit anywhere and to anyone across the globe with superior control and management of software and data.  

Get access to centralized booth information, advanced content management systems and presentation tools. All the complex features are simplified to enhance the virtual presence and render high-quality engagement. 

4) Dtail

Dtail is a 3D fashion platform made by PixelPool.  

It allows 3D virtual samples in the crucial phases of fashion product development. They are creative and offer end-to-end solutions. It means that the same virtual samples can evolve with the design, marketing and sales pipeline. 

Dtail has a virtual showroom that makes it easy to generate purchase orders. You can forward them to existing order intake systems. 


VeeSpaces – A Powerful 3D Virtual Showroom Software for Every Experience! 

The Advantages of a Virtual Showroom 

An online virtual showroom can help reduce costs, make less waste on sample making, and boost your sales instantly. 

Let’s look into the other advantages of using an online virtual showroom. 

  • Lessen expenses and increase sustainability 

With physical samples, a brand can only show customers 2 to 20 different product samples. And the sampling vastly depends on factors like 

  1. The no. of local sales staff.
  2. The no. of audiences.
  3. How many accounts withheld their samples before deciding their purchase orders.  

3D virtual showrooms save space and eliminate the need for producing sales samples. It is better for the environment and your bottom line. Retailers can log in to the virtual showroom and review collections. 

However, sampling is still necessary during the development phase to equip, analyse, and validate designs and artistry of new products. 

The 3D virtual showrooms also reduce costs by eliminating the need to travel to trade shows, creating sales appointments & bearing the expenses of maintaining a physical showroom. 

  • Reach global markets instantly 

In traditional shows, clothing sample shipments might arrive late from the factory. Virtual samples can give you complete access to entire collections right away. You don’t need to wait for your products to arrive in the mall. 

  • Making the order process most effective 

The 3D virtual showroom software streamlines the purchase order process and makes it easier for businesses to create a single order. All that you need is available in one place. Users can select products from the library and add them to their orders. The process is simple, saves time, space, and money on shipping. More efficient ordering leads to higher-order values for customers and a better customer experience. 

It eliminates the need for a physical showroom. With our online virtual showroom, you can view collections from anywhere and make notes about the items you are interested in. 

  • Data for increased sales  

A 3D virtual showroom allows you to organize all your sales and order data in one place. This way you can see which products are selling more than others and if it’s worth producing certain products? 

The old way of taking notes is no longer necessary. On a virtual showroom, we help you see which styles are going to sell the most. Instant updates allow you to act quicker and drive buyers to stocks and collections in demand. 

  • Increase your global reach  

With a 3D virtual showroom platform, you’ll be able to showcase your collections to buyers worldwide without the need for physical showrooms in their region. It is advantageous. 

JOOR is a digital showroom platform as well as a marketplace that helps brands and retail buyers connect. Over 12,500 brands and over 300,000 fashion retailers across 144 countries use JOOR. 

Online Virtual Showroom Best Methods to Drive ROI 

The price range varies for different showroom platforms, but many have a monthly subscription. Buyers need to pay additional amount to unlock upgrades & latest features. To ensure you get the best return on your investment, follow these best practices while trading virtually. 

  • Set KPIs for your online virtual showroom 

“Firms that are starting their journey to digital transformation should first decide which objectives and KPIs they want to target—what do they want to achieve?. 

Here are a few goals to consider. 

  1. Reduce the count of physical spaces. 
  2. Make a limited investment in trade shows.
  3. Minimize the creation of in-person salesman samples. 
  4. Reduce production time to reach markets faster.  
  5. Improve order values. 
  6. Overcome unsold assets.  
  7. Reduce plan, sales and production cycles 
  8. Lower carbon footprint. 

Set your prime goals so you can develop the best digital strategies around them. 

  • Adopt a virtual mindset 

Replacing traditional business strategies might be hard. But adopting new practices is essential to increase productivity and keep up with evolving industries. 

Pin says that it is crucial to “embrace a digital mindset” to be successful. “There’s nothing more effectual to drive active, sustainable change through great software than believing you can do it.  

  • Capitalizing on-brand content  

One of the key benefits of a 3D virtual showroom is reducing sample making, costs and loss associated with samples. A digital showroom saves you time, money & also allows you to show your vast, luxurious collections to buyers. 

High quality, detailed content is crucial for any business. 

“Brand content has a straight impact on user performance & purchase decisions. And so they must invest in immersive 3D imagery, HD videos, and marketing assets,” Drury says. The better the engagement, the longer a user will be spending their valuable time on the sets. 

Another best way to make your content engaging is to let buyers view the product from different angles before purchase. Providing detailed product descriptions that answer all their questions will help them make a confident decision. 

  • Designing a fantastic avatar 

The use of virtual avatars can help create an engaging experience for buyers. For example, if you have a clothing line that features real people in clothes, a digital representation of the same can provide a more interactive experience for customers. 


Moving ahead with online virtual showroom 

As the virtual and augmented reality technologies continue to evolve, more and more business owners are considering to adopt virtual showrooms. 

Turning events into hyper-realistic experiences with virtual reality is a thing of the past. These days, it’s all about augmented reality and 3D virtual showrooms. Businesses globally are already using them to stop patron complaints and increase sales. 

Never Settle! Experience the Magic with the Best 3D Online Virtual Showroom Software!