A virtual exhibition booth is a great way to connect with audience and gain visibility. The booth design must be eye-catching, professional, and informative!  Further, to enhance the experience, exhibitors must ensure the virtual trade show booth conveys the right message for their brand through content, videos and displays.  

 Think Ahead, Get Creative, & Build the Finest Experiences for your Audiences! 

 In this article today, Virtual Exhibition Booth: 3 Top Virtual Booth Design Trends for 2021 – Learn about the best virtual booth design models and 3D virtual booth design trends that can earn you back maximum ROI on your investment. 

1) Multisensory Design Trends 

Multisensory designs are the latest virtual booth design trends that studies & analyses the audience or buyer emotional patterns beyond regular sight and sound.  

It offers brands a unique opportunity to create rich, immersive 3D virtual booth experiences for their audience by recording the multisensory design sequences.   

The goal is to make the experience as engaging as possible, whether through interactive multimedia or personalized service. 


Brands can even employ futuristic trends in some cases! But what are some examples of this type of design? Let us check out. 

2) Multi-Touch Video Walls 

Want to create realistic, engaging video wall experiences for your audience? Then, here is some crucial information.

Touch screen monitors on the virtual trade show booth venue are quite common. But what is new and trending with multi-touch video walls is - animated displays.  

 The reason why this asset or design trend is gaining extensive popularity is:It produces a luminous, lively “moving image” to attract the audience attention to your virtual exhibition booth. 

 Multi-touch screens have cameras placed all around the perimeter. The infrared sensors allow people sitting at any angle (including behind) to participate in what they see on the screen without moving from their seats. 

3) Interactive Walls and Banners 

 Interactive walls and cut-outs are not just for kids. Of late, interactive marketing is the new frontier of advertising that is helping people forget the traditional billboards & radio ads. Research states that interactive walls and banners are the most attractive virtual booth design elements, and people are passionate to participate more & have some fun with the content on display. 

 The audience can take pictures at your booth and share them over social channels for new engagement. Further, the superimposed images & graphics make your event more fun and exciting.  

 Tip of the Day: Don’t forget to add your brand logo for better presentation and branding. 


4) 3D Hologram Exhibits 

Want to wow your audience? Then go for a 3D hologram display! 

The 3D hologram display is a new technology used in many industries for marketing, event planning, and exhibition purposes. The latest virtual booth design models can transform any space into an interactive environment instantly. 

If you are looking for a way to make your next trade show or conference most memorable than ever, then consider the new technology, “3D Hologram Exhibits.” 

Get ready to wow your audience and leave them wanting more! 


5) Virtual Reality (VR) 

Virtual reality is a technology that has been around for decades, but it’s recently become more mainstream. Today, VR headsets can simulate an experience from anywhere in the world. Being one of the most popular virtual booth design trends, they are now widely adopted by corporations, schools, hospitals and even theme parks.  

So, here is What you can do with Virtual Reality (VR) software? 

  1. Provide content in a 360-degree video with 3D audio soundscapes. 
  2. Create immersive 3D experiences to captivate audience attention and better interaction. 
  3. Create exclusive branded experiences from product demonstrations to virtual tours of potential vacation destinations. 
  4. Build new and effective lead generation strategies & sales funnels. 


6) Earthy Design Trends 

Nature design is a popular trend that has evolved over the past few years. Now people are looking for ways to enjoy nature without leaving their homes. 

Earthy design trends encompass many aspects of living with nature incl natural materials like wood and stone, natural lighting sources like windows or skylights, and indoor plants. By incorporating these elements into your virtual trade show booth, you can create an atmosphere that feels closer to nature than ever before.  

There are many more advantages of this type of design. One great benefit is – it reduces stress levels by creating a more tranquil environment on the event floor. 

If you ask about what are the new & best designs for a 3D virtual booth, then we must say it is the earthy design trends. 


7) Virtual Trade Show Booth Design Trends: Embracing Popular Graphic Models 

 Graphic models are now trending in the virtual trade show booth industry. Stunning, versatile images, high-level colour schemes, animations etc., are attracting audiences and are used to deliver powerful messages graphically. 

Want to learn more? Check out these popular virtual booth design model ideas. 

8) Multi-dimensional or 3D virtual booth backgrounds 

 The 3D virtual booth backdrop is an ingenious way of creating a separate image with different depths, so you can appear in diverse places, in front or behind your audience, which intensifies the reality of your performance.  

Virtual backgrounds like the Catwalk Pink would make any photographer weep with joy. They are warm and bright, a perfect balance of colors that allow you to be creative and take some fantastic photographs. 

Translucent fabrics create another dimension, and exhibitors go crazy to embrace the backdrops and style them for various holidays, celebrations, events and venues or even use them as a prop or separation. 

9) Printable Flooring 

 Printable flooring is more than just a great idea – it is the future. With zero waste, there is a vast scope to embrace a virtually limitless array of colours and textures without spending a fortune on labor and costly equipment. 

It is also a perfect solution for DIY enthusiasts. With modern virtual booth design features & technology, it is easy to create custom flooring designs with added logos, brand colours & unique details. 

10) Virtual Trade Show Booth Lighting 

Lighting is one of the most dynamic virtual booth elements that enhances object visibility, creates diverse mood frames for virtual exhibition booth visitors. For virtual conferences, closed group client meetings and speaker sessions, the lighting aspect proffers a sense of privacy. 

The new elements are not just attracting people. Also, the installed sound-responsive lighting features are making events most memorable and full of fun. 

4 Fantastic Tips to Ensure 3D Virtual Booth Success 

 Creating a perfect virtual trade show booth can be GREAT! But here are few tips to make your virtual exhibition booth even more OUTSTANDING!


  • Make your 3D virtual booth Special! Add Your Brand Name Throughout 

 Make sure your 3D virtual booth, products, documents, videos, giveaways etc., have your brand name on them. Doing so enhances your brand and market value online.  

On the virtual exhibition booth, your brand name must be so elevated that people should instantly realize it as your brand, just as they pass by your stand/booth. 

Industry leaders LG, Audi, Samsung etc., follow this strategy to be remembered throughout the event.


  • Present your Brand Innovatively! Let your Audience Know What’s New & Trending with your Brand? 

 Your audience & fans would love to hear about your product updates & events first. So, don’t make your audience, investors & to-be-sponsors wait for you. Reach out to them, start an interactive conversation, explain your new product/concept details in advance. Use animated displays, rich, bold fonts to catch the eye of your audiences. Your content must be crisp and clear, revealing your business information. 

 Tip of the Day: People who walk up to your virtual exhibition booth staff & ask relevant questions are the ones genuinely interested. So, don’t miss them! 


  • Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! – Get Creative & Plan Something Amazing for your Audience 

 Winning is the first and last strategy for virtual trade show booth exhibitors, sponsors, marketers & planners.  

 To stand out amid your competitors,  

  1.  You must be awesomely creative,  
  2. Execute win-win ideas and presentations at the virtual exhibition booth.  

 Even a prop unrelated to your brand – when placed in a place of prominence at your 3D virtual booth, creates the best engagement. Plan a surprise for your audience that makes them stop, think and engage with your teams to learn more about your product/service/event. 


  • Steal your Audience Hearts with Branded Giveaways 

Mugs, photo frames, pens, diaries are usual giveaways. Think New! Think Different! How about gifting your audience a set of the latest gadgets like headphones, 3D glasses, iWatch, sunglasses, or laptop skins? Planting your brand name & logo on these virtual giveaways is sure to steal your audience hearts. Give it a try!