Exhibit 365: Using Augmented Reality for Business Promotions and Product Demos 

Augmented Reality is the next big thing, and we did it!  In this article, you’ll learn how to use AR for business promotions, product demos, expos or everything that’s in your hands: such as event marketing, experiential prototyping, customer service etc. Exhibit 365 is the best place for professionals who want to learn how augmented reality technology can boost their business growth by increasing sales and profits.  

Serving diverse marketing and advertising purposes, it attracts attention much better than other traditional & commonly known marketing resources. It allows customers to create a personalized virtual vendor booth, explore products and businesses in immersive, 3D environments. So, here we share the five ways of adopting mixed realities into your virtual booth software for business launch, showcase and demos.

Virtual Booth Software: 5 Useful AR/VR Models for Business Branding 

 Exhibit 365: AR for exclusive business/product demos 

Are you looking for powerful ways to demonstrate your products to customers? Then, AR might be the best solution.  

AR’s 3D technology on a virtual vendor booth is user & mobile-friendly. By placing an ad virtually on user mobiles, it delivers an immersive, digital experience temporarily. 

Exhibit 365 is a brilliant way to showcase & sell your products online and build deeper connections with your audience.  

You might even want to integrate a virtual vendor booth into your website to go viral all over the world! 

Making VRexhibit 365 models mobile & user-friendly 

VR is a great way to advertise; it can give you an experience of a product or service without buying or even trying.  

Being highly recognised as virtual booth best practices, it is possible to recreate the virtual 3D model to be mobile and easy to show on a virtual booth software. 

Augmented Reality brings us immersive 3D imagery that is so much more satisfying than we ever expected.  

Virtual vendor booth model portals can unlock immersive consumer experiences. 

Imagine a situation where you can’t go to the store right now but are craving a chicken wrap. All of that is resolved by just looking at the restaurant’s VR banner. 

VeeSpaces built the best-in-class virtual showroom software for businesses to intuitively showcase their products in an extraordinary exhibit 365 environments for their audience. Easy to navigate, users can browse spaces, view crucial information, add links and present their event on the virtual vendor booth. 

Building an exhibit 365 portal through your website 

One of the best illustrations of a company’s branding is exhibit 365. To achieve this, businesses often prefer building event websites & interactive portals. 

Exhibitors and brands must deliver a cohesive EXPERIENCE 

 It helps to meet expectations and speaks to lifestyle needs with 360-degree engagement. Branding in virtual environments is crucial, but your company needs to be present in the physical world as it exists virtually in the form of a virtual vendor booth. 

 With AR virtual booth software, you can create web portals with advertising spaces, add information that visitors can access regardless of their location, and design specific micro experiences for user engagement. 

Complete immersive 360-degree experience 

Some brands go all out to make you feel like you are in their world — and that’s what a 360-degree virtual booth software does. From products to promotional videos: – a virtual vendor booth makes everything seem realistic than ever and sets an entirely new standard for marketing. 

Fully immersive 360-degree experiences are the new trend, and they are evolving as the new norm for branding. 

Good AR isn’t just about your brand. It needs to be interactive, multi-sensory and connected to the customer’s lifestyle and memories. As the virtual booth best practices, there is no better way than creating a 360-degree, exhibit 365 experience that immerses your audience wholly in a virtual world. 

Bringing pictures to life with simple exhibit 365 AR add-ons 

The AR exhibit 365 has invented a new way to increase brand awareness and deliver interactive experiences.  

Famous brands like Citi, Syracuse University, Unity Technologies and Spotify are showcasing their brands & products through customized virtual vendor booths. 

If you want to provide visitors with a rich & complete AR exhibit 365 experience, try investing in a virtual booth software renowned for its virtual booth best practices & customized add-ons.  

Your visitors will be able to interact with the live displayed images and scan them with their phones.  

That is what the best exhibit 365 experience is and what businesses are looking for today? Request Demo