Your exhibition show is finished, but the result was nothing like you had hoped. Even if you had a beautiful booth, goals were set, and marketing ploys were in place, your prospects may not have visited, no leads were created, or they may not have returned pleased.

Why did it go wrong? Even small errors add up, and you probably weren’t even aware of them.

Exhibitions are a fantastic venue for any business to explore endless networking opportunities. Each event requires time, money, and the difficulty of accurately manifesting the brand’s image, coupled with a plethora of exciting options.

Here are the following list of things to avoid at exhibition show has been put together by industry professionals so that you may avoid making investments in the next event.

Top 15 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Exhibition Show

You failed to meet your objective of exhibition show

Whether it’s completing a survey, gathering leads, or selling a product or service, your goal for displaying may be different from the brand next to you or even your rivals. If you haven’t done it, the exhibition show may wind up costing you money rather than making it. Fine-tune and perfect your procedure, from the fundamentals of printing and conventional sales marketing strategies to making sure your gift is on point, to offer yourself the best opportunity possible of accomplishing your displaying goals.

You were at the incorrect location

Everyone has attended an event with the expectation that it will be fantastic only to discover that it was completely different from what we had anticipated. Never participate in an event as an exhibitor if you haven’t been there personally. An exhibition show should always be scouted in person, not only through internet research. Never invest thousands of dollars in a stand unless you are positive it will benefit your business.

No one bought anything from your people

Everyone is familiar with the adage “people purchase from people,” but if your brand reps aren’t hospitable, outgoing, or persuasive, you can discover that you’ve lost a lot of chances to win over potential customers. First impressions are crucial, and trust me, they count. Body language, smiles, and pleasantries are all important. Once you have a potential customer’s attention, it is crucial that you have a carefully planned conversational path you may follow with them to close the deal or get the lead you are after.

Inaccurate exhibition goals

Choose the exhibition that enables your firm to achieve its brand marketing goals within the target market and audience; the exhibition show you select must be pertinent to your enterprise.


Never undervalue the significance of sticking out from the crowd and keep in mind that B2B does not necessarily equate to boring to boring! Dare to try something new instead of constantly doing what you’ve always done since you’ll always get what you’ve always received.

A Misleading Message

Choose who you want to communicate with and what you want to sell, promote, brand, or convey at an exhibition show. The perfect client is who? Make your main point simple to recall.

Assuming they know who you are

Don’t assume that the attendees of the trade show are familiar with you or what you do. Make sure all the visuals at the booth are clear and effectively convey your idea. Practice your sales pitch.

No Goals or Plans

No goals or planning also frequently equates to no outcomes. What do you hope to acquire? Leads, contacts, and offers-on-demand? When the concert starts, things will be simpler if you are clear about this.

No Definition of the Target Audience

Although it may be unsettling to consider severely restricting your target audience and excluding so many people, this is rarely the incorrect course of action. The type of individuals we want to reach, i.e., the real prospective consumers, will be drawn to the stands when the contents are planned with a clear emphasis on the target audience.

No Pre-Event Promotion is allowed

Exhibition show previews are used by more than 80% of tourists to plan their trips. Consider this.

Find Way to Display your Brand

Finding the exhibition show will help you achieve your goals for displaying, whether they are to generate leads, build your brand’s identity, or create connections, is one of the toughest hurdles in the sea of exhibitions. Even if popularity and historical context are two important criteria in selecting the perfect show, there are various additional considerations to weigh before making the ultimate decision.

To choose the program that will be most successful, consider the following.

  • Make a list of every trade show that focuses on your sector.
  • Engage the marketing staff to learn about their sales goals.
  • Will the show’s intended audience be present?
  • What precisely are you showing for? Introducing a new good or service, establishing a brand, or networking?
  • Are your rivals taking part in comparable shows?
  • Will the program provide you with a profitable return given the resources you’ll devote to the endeavor

Check Whether your Booth Lack Personality

A sizable portion of your audience will leave if your booth is uninteresting and undifferentiated. The ideal booth should tell the tale of your company. To draw people in, it has to include sensory components.

So express as well as display. Talk through ideas with the person building your booth to make sure they comprehend your concept and have the creativity to make it happen.

  • Is the contractor a third-party vendor or does he or she have an internal manufacturing setup?
  • Do they possess the necessary technical know-how and appropriate expertise to put on a flawless performance?
  • Do they cover all the bases? Will you need to find a different supplier for audiovisual screens? Is there a provision for project management, designing, building, printing graphics, shipping, installation, and dismantling?
  • What would you say about your contractor, then? Normally, the contractor receives a Request for Proposal (RPF) before presenting their services. Make sure your RPF is extremely thorough and that all of your issues have been considered. You can tell if the contractor has what it takes to turn your idea into a visual display experience by looking at the proposal itself.

Have you completed your research on social media?

You also have the benefit of contacting your potential customers in advance of the exhibition thanks to social media. Connect with your potential customers online and inform them that you will be attending the event and where to find you. Use a newsletter or an e-invite to do this. On the big day, guests will remember your brand thanks to a strong social media campaign.

Does your staff unimpressive?

You have a stunning booth that is completely furnished and exudes the philosophy of your company. But is your team well prepared to respond to the wide range of inquiries that they could receive? Do they follow fundamental display manners? Are they friendly? Are they equipped to deal with any crisis?

The face of your company is your workers. The exhibit manager has a wide range of duties, but one important one is planning pre-show training sessions for the booth crew. Your training must consist of:

  • The company’s objectives for the display.
  • The exhibit’s philosophy and idea.
  • The exhibit’s technology.
  • The target market and how to spot potential customers.
  • Communication that is both verbal and nonverbal

Check whether you arranged the Digital Exhibition kit?

We at VeeSpaces don’t want you to worry about getting ready for digital trade shows. We don’t want you to be preoccupied with your trade show booth or your personnel that you overlook the benefits of really taking pleasure in these kinds of occasions.  

With that in mind, we’ve put together a sort of “Digital Exhibition Kit” which is 100% digital so that you can upload all your documents, videos, contact information, trade show content etc. Moreover, the kit is completely packed with all the essential features and tools so that you can plan as you go without hiring extra manpower.   

Did a lack of understanding of other cultures hinder your success?

Now that you’re in the correct show, your objectives are crystal clear, your team is well-trained, and you have interested guests. You are unable to influence them in any way, though.

There is a good likelihood that the cultural difference has become a barrier in a situation when there are many candidates from various locations.

Did you fail to report post show evaluation?

By measuring your results, you may assess your success or failure, spot potential improvement areas, consider what to do differently the next time, and most importantly, demonstrate your return on investment.

Did you recognize your company in these exhibition blunders?  If so, don’t worry – we did say they were surprisingly common after all!  But if you want to avoid any more in future, VeeSpaces can help you in all instances by setting up the right exhibition.