The virtual exhibition booth concept has been an inspiring trend in the events industry lately. The new concept enables companies & marketing team to host their virtual booth & connect to the world from the comfort of their homes through PCs, laptops, iPads and mobiles. The trend is new, flexible, popular and convenient for all exhibitors. Few aspects that make the new concept popular are their enormous capacity for engagement creation and immersive user experience. Unlike the virtual platforms, the features of a virtual exhibition booth are vast and easily customizable. The spaces are innovative & captivating. They can be custom-designed and kept live from over one month to a year & 24*7. Virtual booths are the most in-demand spaces today where the visitor scan gain some real deep knowledge & experience of diverse exhibitor’s brands, their products & services.

Now, as the traditional exhibitions have been cancelled, the one option sponsors & exhibitors are looking forward to, is a virtual exhibition. booth The space shave come in as a great help to businesses even in these pandemic times. They come with enormous benefits, not just for sponsors & exhibitors alone but also for the participants.

Few such noted benefits of having a virtual exhibition booth are listed below.

The 5 Benefits of Having a Virtual Booth

1. Improved Brand Identity

It is an undeniable fact that the online booths today are delivering experiences that are authentic and immersive. The concept of virtual exhibitions has made industry leaders re-evaluate the mundane strategies and create new ones for best engagement & collaboration. VeeSpaces software leverages advanced technologies to provide a highly engaging, immersive 3D experience to audiences in virtual environments. The advanced tools & features with an engaging UX are making our virtual exhibitions stand out.

The benefits of 3D Exhibition Booth Software are vast and listed are a few of them.

  • An easy & swift virtual tour of the booth space.
  • Great interactions between people & tools.
  • Easy data acquisition & sharing of confidential documents, brand promo designs, rich media content, videos etc.
  • Communicate with a virtual delegate anytime, anywhere at the event.
  • Visit the event anytime as per your situated time frames.

This experience enhances your brand identity. The spaces are not just enormous engagers but also are great marketing means that users will reminisce for a long time. This again builds brand awareness and value.

2.Better Lead Generation

As the 3D exhibition booth can be kept live24*7*365. There is a huge scope to reach out to a broader audience, & also the range of connectivity across the globe is massive. It is quick & easy now with just a few clicks. No travel & accommodation charges, paperwork, cancellation hassles, all you need is a device with good network capacity to take part in the event. As it is remote and open to everyone, more people can take part in the virtual events from anywhere. This in turn helps gain better lead generation for your event. Virtual events happen for months. A continuous flow of new visitors can be witnessed everyday.

Better Conversations always lead to Great Client Conversion.

Lead tracking and communication also become faster and easy with virtual events as visitors share their feedback & contact details online.

3. Greater Sales

3D exhibition booth designs are creative & the newest means to recreate user experiences through engaging, immersive & interactive conversations. The audience can get a 360-degree experience of the booth space, and also a guide to drive them through the platform. Virtual pointers also help in effective navigation. While on the floor, audiences can interact with fellow participants & various other elements with just a few clicks.

The designs are full of content & information. Exhibitors have the opportunity to display their product information in text, graphics & chart formats. They can also have videos embedded into their show along with an instant messaging feature & live podcasts for enhanced user experience.

Sponsors & exhibitors can get their exhibition stalls created from virtual trade fairs organizers, get it integrated into their website & even host it on mobile apps. You can have the most advanced technologies like Augmented reality & hybrid elements build the best 3D exhibition booth design for your event.

4. Data Mining

Virtual Booth scan be a data mine for your business. Online events have data as attendee list, Q & A, contact information, shared interests etc. The scope of data acquisition and sharing is endless in the virtual world. Yet, exhibitors can watch, track & note every single act their participants perform while at the event. That is the best part of Exhibition Booths. You can have access to all the data & so can plan effective future strategies for your next events.

The virtual events can give you access to data as

  • Attendee demographics,
  • Participation time in your virtual booth,
  • Booth elements that created maximum engagement.
  • Elements that failed to create target engagement & impact etc.

The above data is crucial to generate reports on customers behavioral patterns. With enormous data at hand, it becomes easy to track and engage leads to achieve a high conversion rate. One of the most effective ways to plan future marketing strategies.

5. Open to New Business Opportunities

Online exhibition scan be left live for as long as you wish. There has been noted a tremendous opportunity to build valuable client base post events. People who have missed the opportunity to attend virtual events can make use of this amazing experience. They can enjoy a similar experience while at a live event. You can have your booth stay open 24*7 for as lengthy as you want. Every individual that pays a visit to your virtual event is an opportunity to convert them as your potential leads. For better experience & lead conversion, sponsors & exhibitors must employ a dedicated team to guide visitors at every step.


Booth spaces are set to change the future of the events industry. Customary and virtual presentations are required to go inseparably with each supplementing the other. Exhibitors can have customary just as virtual display corners planned from a top-notch virtual tradeshow platform when making arrangements for an occasion. Exhibitors are set to profit tremendously by facilitating live events just as virtual shows. The future of the innovative booth spaces for sure looks entrancing with the expansion of virtual exhibitions.

VeeSpaces is a SaaS-based software & is a perfect tool to present your exhibition booth for short & long terms. With VeeSpaces software, you can have your control over everything like centralizing the virtual booth information, content management, and presentation tool kits.

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