Global industries are taking their events to digital realms. The shift is real & compelling because of the global pandemic. Virtual booth exhibitions are popular now. And, one of the most common features in virtual booth exhibitions today is the virtual booth. From the plane of experience, we must say that an effective virtual booth experience comes from the best planning & by choosing an advanced virtual booth software. If you are planning to host a virtual expo booth for your business, then it is time to ask yourself the following 5 questions.

1. Why are you Adopting Virtual Booths Hosting?

This is the first question every industry leader, sponsor, & exhibitor must ask themselves before building a virtual booth. Identifying the core reason behind the execution of a virtual expo booth is essential. Your audiences and clients can understand why you are doing a particular promotion or event. Not to forget, the engagement, reach and ROI comes from your visitors. So, your virtual booth experience must not be a mere replacement for your physical kiosk. But the reason must be intense and powerful to make your virtual expo booth a grand success.

Some good reasons for adopting virtual expo booth hosting can be

  • Broader Reach.
  • Delivering an Immersive Experience.
  • Product/Service Promotion.
  • Building Client Base.
  • Share your Concept/Content Globally.

2. How Best are you Preparing for your Virtual Expo Booth?

The planning phase is crucial for any virtual booth hosting. When we compare in-person events with virtual events, the challenges are diverse and numerous. We cannot expect the real experience to be delivered exactly with a virtual expo booth software. But it can be replicated to render the best experience & services through advanced tools and technologies. To deliver an extraordinary virtual experience, it is essential to have complete command over your online booth setup which is impossible to achieve. If you want to host the best virtual booth experience or are in search of a perfect virtual booth software for your business/event, then VeeSpaces can help you with a complete experience. From planning to organization to execution to marketing, everything can be achieved easily with VeeSpaces.

For a better understanding, book your Virtual Expo Booth demo with VeeSpaces.

3. What Kind of Audience Interaction you can Expect?

Audience interaction is one of the key aspects of the virtual expo booth. Your audiences are diverse and so are their questions, unique. You can’t expect a virtual chatbot to answer all their questions. So, it is better to have your speaker or a manager on-board to do the job. Also, your event must cover all the aspects & have adequate scope for interaction wherever necessary. Enabling webinars, live chats, voice & video calling features enhances the experience.

4. Virtual Booth Software: Which is the Best?

VeeSpaces is a virtual booth software that can make your concepts turn into the best virtual events experiences. Unlike any usual platform, VeeSpaces is exclusive, bug-free, & comes with a package of robust security, high performance and latest tools. It has everything that you need to make your virtual events a great success. Your audience can enjoy seamless connectivity with a 3D immersive experience, live chats, voice & video calls, data sharing facility and many more.

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5. What are your Marketing Strategies?

Though the main agenda behind hosting virtual booths is to create engagement & achieve ROI. But, to get the target audience to the event and converting them to potential leads, marketing is important. First, create a landing page for your attendees to carry registrations. Then initiate a campaign for event marketing with the right call-to-actions. Thirdly, ensure you carry on the audience engagement as long as your events are live. Events that run for longer terms for up to 1 year are observed to create great engagement & gain the best leads. Last but not least, end the event with a note of gratitude. This improves your brand recall.

If you are still unclear about virtual booth experiences or any element of virtual expo booth design, then book your virtual booth demo with VeeSpaces. We are a leading virtual booth software that brings 360-degree immersion, connectivity, high brand recall, hybrid solutions and experiences & exclusive offers to global markets. With VeeSpaces, rest assured your event planning, organization, marketing, execution & all your event goals can be achieved smoothly.