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VeeSpaces ContentBay aligns Sales, Marketing & Customer Success teams around high-impact buyer interactions

unleashing your organization’s ability to accelerate revenue growth. With VeeSpaces ContentBay you empower your customer facing teams to find the right content, create custom microsites to share content, share via secured channels, and track how prospects engage to help move your sales forward.

  • Will your sales and marketing team find difficult in searching and creating their own sales collateral?
  • Sales and marketing reps are wasting up to 43 hours per month in searching and creating their own sales collateral? VeeSpaces sales enablement software provides a centralized repository for sales & marketing collaterals, easier for reps to find and use the right content.
  • Did your sales and marketing team are using outdated information and thus losing lots of marketing opportunities?
  • VeeSpaces ContentBay, Marketing & Sales content management software ensures that all the team members have access to the same up-to-date content and messaging.
  • Did you know 77% of marketers and 47% of sales managers lack in measuring the ROI of their efforts accurately?
  • With VeeSpaces sales content management software your sales team can see what content is being used to close deals and what content is therefore most effective.
  • Does your marketers and sales reps spend too much time on non-selling and non-marketing tasks like administrative work or searching for content?
  • The VeeSpaces sales and marketing content management software automates all your marketing and non-selling tasks and thus allows your team to place top quality content at the tip of your sellers’ and marketers’ fingers, with the ability to personalize them and engage buyers more deeply.
  • No one likes forms. They just want relevant content
  • According to Forrester, 63% of buyers will disregard content if it’s not relevant to their needs, industry, or role. Serve up personalized content experiences to engage buyers, connect with customers, and close more deals from every channel.

Why VeeSpaces ContentBay?


increase in revenue by offering consistent brand presentation across all platforms


Shorter sales cycles: Teams using ContentsBay close deals 18% faster than those who don't.


Increased win rates: ContentsBay users win 24% more deals on average.


Higher productivity: Sales & Marketing team using ContentsBay spend 36% less time searching for content, save 4 hours per week.

Features that aligns Marketing, Sales & Customer Success onboarding teams around high-impact buyer interactions

Documents, Videos, Audios

Visitors can view & download digital content (products catalogue, services offered, your company details) by scanning a QR Code sticker at the event spot. Watch videos and download product/service documents for later reference or purchase.

Micro Landing Pages

Showcase your products & services in 3D with your booth visitors using our powerful VR products demonstration feature. Interact & show your audience what the product looks like in a virtual world. Your visitors can tune into an immersive experience with exhibition tools & VR Headsets.

Leads Collection Forms

Leads Collection Forms Experience the new, automated & cost-effective exhibition kit to capture leads from trade shows & events. Collect visitors contact information using lead collection forms or go contactless for business card exchange with your visitors.

Embed it in your site

One can embed the collections landing pages by adding a small piece of code in their website

QR Code Stickers

For every collections & assets, generate the unique branded QR code stickers, use it your marketing materials like brochures, campaign ads.

Campaign Links

Add your GTM parameters source, medium, campaign name to track the performance effectively

Products Presentation with VR Kit

Showcase your products & services in 3D with your visitors using our powerful VR products demonstration feature. Interact & show your audience what the product looks like in a virtual world. Your visitors can tune into an immersive experience with exhibition tools & VR Headsets.

AR-Based Products Presentation

Let your audience access your products in a highly attractive & innovative AR-powered environment. Let your audience virtually try-out your products in their environments & preview from their mobile.

Other Dimensions of VeeSpaces Sales & Marketing Content Management Software

Personalized Micro landing pages

By focusing on the destination and increasing engagement with relevant content your buyers actually want, you can convert prospects into customers and customers into loyal advocates, faster.

Sales & Marketing tools Integration

Quickly export the captured lead data. VeeSpaces ContentBay is integrated with popular CRMs & systems like Hubspot, SalesForce, PipeDrive, Salesloft, OutReach, Mailchimp.

Analytics & Insights

Deliver data-led insights throughout buyer journeys, turning engagement learnings into better content strategies, more relevant content, targeted coaching & onboarding, tailored engagements, and greater ROI.

How It Works?



Sign up & create your account. Our setup is super quick & usually takes just 5 mins.


Upload Contents

Upload all your buiness information, products, documents, images, and videos in the Contents Bay.


Design, Print & Ready

Choose from a pool of templates available for documents, videos, digital business cards, and product catalogues, print all the stickers with QR codes. Keep all the QR Stickers in your booth.


Share & Exchange

Get the right & real-time analytics at your fingertips. Track key insights such as the number of views, downloads, link clicks, openings & other helpful data.



QR Scan Stickers, Social Media Sharing, Personlized link for each assets & Collections to share, Embed the collections in your websites, Emails, Newsletters.

See how VeeSpaces ContentBay helps your teams create high-impact buyer interactions.

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