QR Code Types

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We have helped to implement a number of innovative solutions across both marketing and sales to improve communication and engage with the customer base. It’s time to work and grow your business fast.

Virtual Space

Simply scan and gain access to virtual events and learn about the event.

Book an appointment

With a single scan, your customers can access your gateway to online booking.


Can share your documents in the format of PDF, brochures, catalogues, & PNG


Easy sharing of one or more videos of your business product to the customers

Service page

Navigates to contact us or about us page to get all information about the business

Conference Sessions

Scan and join your interested virtual conference session with QR codes

Products Board

Instantly gives more information about the products in the virtual booths

Jobs Board

Display more details about the job recruitment and its vacancy details

Courses Board

Gives you information about various courses with a single QR code scan

Staffs ID Card

Generate ID cards for your company staffs identity in virtual booths


Create a digital business card and save it directly to your phone contact.

QR Code Customization

Want your QR code to look unique?

QR Codes represent your brand identity. It can be created in any colour you like. With the VeeSpaces QR code generator, you can select different colours using the colour picker.
Whether it’s a brochure, a virtual business card, or any of your products, custom QR codes maximize your engagement with our exclusive code.

Track your QR codes

To measure your marketing campaign performance, we use a QR code analytics system – everything from views to GPS location. This data will help you to evaluate the potential of your marketing campaign and to find your online sources of traffic.

Create and manage with the best QR Code generator

Template designs

The pre-made reusable template can be directly edited- supports external files for designs.

QR Code Cloud Storage

Organize and store your QR code with Amazon cloud storage with fast data logging.

What We do for your Success?

Update your QR Codes dynamically

Integrate your QR code and add content when are ready for the marketing campaign, you can update them anytime and anywhere.

High-quality resolution

Download your QR code in any format like JPG, PNG, SVG, or EPS format. Our QR codes are always in high resolution no matter where they are printed.

Templates available

We have many beautiful templates to satisfy all your demanding needs. Make use of it to run a perfect marketing campaign.

Perfect first impression

Customize your landing page URL in a QR code and drive your brand loyalty to stand out from competitors.

Accurate statistics

Our analytics system will provide the perfect statistics of your QR code scan. It collects accurate information from the users.

Smart customization

You can lock your QR code whenever, and Smart Redirect is customized to your device and furthermore, third-party service integration.

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