A virtual booth can be an integral part of your website. A unique space where sponsors, exhibitors, audiences and speakers can connect and engage through a built-in virtual expo booth software framework. Having a virtual booth website is essential for virtual events. It enhances your brand value, generate good leads and fuels your ROI. Virtual booths can be incorporated with infinite creative opportunities including interactive elements, engaging videos, virtual parties, games, Q&A’s, fun activities and more. You can also host educative webinars, business workshops, job fairs, virtual presentations where you can share your knowledge and collaborate with your favourite audience across the globe.

With in-numerous, amazing features around, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of having a webinar added to your virtual booth.

Why Webinars are Important for your Marketing Strategy? 

Global marketers agree that webinars are the newest & best strategies for events & business promotions. They are noted as the most innovative promotional tools for better lead generation. If on average, a webinar hosts over 300 participants, it is assured that nearly 40% of the attendees can become your best-qualified leads. Another best advantage of hosting your webinars online is their broader reach capacity and cost-effectiveness. 

Even amid the hardest times, webinars have proved to be the ablest means to carry across the most valuable data. And, quite simultaneously, the virtual booths are designed to create & add value to the experience. Organising webinars in the pandemic has increased the audience engagement and participation rate in the booth while allowing easy data sharing. They have become the most well-favoured & the perfect means to address company updates, popular industry topics, news, & other market challenges. 

While on one side, where clients are looking forward to better connectivity with the brands, businesses, on the other hand, want to strengthen ties with their clients. So, webinars stand as the best engagers & connectors for both businesses as well as clients even in these uncertain times. 


How a Virtual Booth Can Improve your Audience Reach and Boost the Participation Rate? 

One of the main challenges that virtual booths & virtual expo booth software often face is creating the right engagement and carrying it till the end of the show. Not to forget, the importance of a pre-event strategy to inform and convince your audience to understand that visiting your virtual expo booth is a value for money & a worthy experience. The digital realm is all about timing and engagement. Integrating webinars into the virtual expo booth is the best ways to gain the most attention and participation rate.

Businesses can promote their webinars through virtual booths and even flaunt & promote their booth spaces. Every event before going live has a timing countdown that helps to note if all the registered participants have joined the show or some people are yet to join. Further, the integrated link of the webinar space can attract new visitors to fill the registration form online. And the already registered ones will be directed to the live or a recorded webinar through the given link.

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