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9 Types of Trade Show Display – Wow Your Audience Now

From modest portable trade show displays to massive bespoke and custom modular trade show exhibits, trade show displays are one of the most potent visual expressions of a company’s brand, goods, and personality.

A smart trade show display is required to present your company’s offerings while also capturing the attention of show goers – potential consumers and clients. You’ll miss out on numerous possibilities for networking at a trade show if you don’t have an eye-catching exhibit, such as generating leads and growing your brand.

So, what can a good trade fair display accomplish for you? Aside from capturing people’s attention, it may reveal a lot about your company.

A display should tell people who you are, what you do, and how you can assist them. It should reflect your company’s brand and image in a way that allows salespeople to offer items, engage guests in discussion, produce qualifying sales prospects, and leave a favorable impression to facilitate follow-up after the event.

How to select right trade show display?

There are several sorts of trade show displays available, each providing a unique chance to highlight your company, goods, and other critical information in eye-catching ways. The best display for your firm is determined by your budget, goals, and demands. Keep the following recommendations in mind no matter which display type you choose.

Branding – A well-designed trade show exhibit should represent your company’s brand standards, colors, graphics, and logos.

Impact – The finest trade show displays encourage visitors to discover more about a brand and make a lasting impression, so plan your display accordingly.

Types of Trade Show Display

Portable Trade Show Display

Portable trade show displays are often a speedier and less expensive choice, making them suitable for first-time exhibitors, exhibitors in need of a rapid solution, and firms with a restricted trade show budget.

Though portable displays are less expensive, they may have the same impact as a completely customized presentation. Many portable displays feature huge graphic backdrops that allow for effective branding and communicating with attendees.

Portable displays are less expensive and easier to put up than modular or bespoke exhibitions. They are composed of lightweight materials and come in a number of sizes, including 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, and tabletop. Exhibitors may personalize this portable trade show displays by adding custom printed graphics and accessories such as kiosks, counters, lighting, and more.

Banner stands are one of the most common and adaptable types of trade show displays. They’ve become a go-to for trade show marketers, businesses, and organizations seeking for display signs since they’re inexpensive, portable, and simple to customize with unique graphics. They truly are a fantastic choice for firms looking to get their brand noticed quickly.

To get them made for your business, let’s make 3 more divisions of banner stand,

Retractable Banner Stand – Retractable banner stands roll neatly into a base unit to preserve images during travel and storage. The retractability of these flag stands ads to their mobility.

Cassette-Style Banner Stand – In both form and function, cassette-type banner stands are comparable to retractable banner stands. Cassette-style banner stands, on the other hand, have replaceable graphic cassettes that can be turned out to vary up messaging from event to show.

Fabric Banner Stand – High-quality fabric banners may be utilized for both outdoor and interior events. Fabric banners use push-fit fabric graphics that slot into an aluminum extrusion frame enabling quick assembly, as well as the ability for exhibitors to skin the frame with alternative designs.

Table Covers & Runners

Table coverings and runners are also popular in the trade show and convention industry, providing a fashionable solution as well as additional branding options for exhibitors with tabletop displays. Table coverings and runners are printed blank or with bespoke designs on washable polyester utilizing a dye sublimation print technology, depending on the demands of an exhibitor.

Tension Fabric

To create gorgeous backdrops, tension fabric displays use aluminum pole, extrusion, or foldable frames embellished with close-fitting fabric graphics. Depending on the frame, tension fabric graphics push over the frame like a pillowcase, slip into extrusion channels, or are Velcro-attached directly to the frame. Lighting, shelves, and monitor mounts can be added to tension fabric displays to increase utility.

Pop-Up Display

Pop-up displays are typically used as backgrounds to showcase brand messaging and product capabilities. Pop up displays make use of a collapsible, accordion-style frame that “pops” up, producing an immediate frame ready to be embellished with bright images.

To personalize a pop up display, additional options such as lighting, monitor mounting, and literature sleeves can be added. By covering pop-up display boxes with a fitted cloth print, they may be turned into counters, increasing the exhibit’s adaptability.

Outdoor Display

Outdoor displays provide exhibitors a strong display that is meant to be used outside and are the ideal display option for outdoor events held throughout the spring and summer months. Exhibitors should avoid utilizing outside displays in inclement weather and ensure that exhibits are securely anchored or weighted down when it is windy.

Outdoor Tents – Outdoor tents with water-resistant polyester canopies give exhibitors with a professional display to showcase brand messaging and images, as well as functional shade from sunlight and light rain.

Outdoor Flags – Outdoor flags are brightly colored, affordable, and easily transportable, making them the ideal alternative for exhibitors wishing to announce their presence outside. Outdoor flags, as opposed to static signage, catch the wind and move.

Outdoor Banners – Outdoor banners are lightweight and movable, and they can be simply positioned where they will have the best impact and audience. Outdoor banners are built to withstand the weather, so exhibitors can rely on them to communicate messages no matter the season.

Prefabricated Modular Trade Show Display

Prefabricated modular trade show displays are complex displays that are prefabricated utilizing standardized elements as construction blocks. They include aluminum extrusions with a contemporary style and a choice of graphic materials and textures.

Prefabricated modular displays enable exhibitors to begin with a base “kit” and utilize it as-is or adapt it to meet their individual needs. This is especially beneficial for first-time exhibitors because the kits simplify and streamline the whole show design process. Modular kits are intended to be simple to ship and assemble, saving both time and money.

Modular displays come in a number of sizes and, depending on the design, can contain accessories like counters, storage, lighting, monitor mounts, and literature holders, or they can be reconfigured to a different size.

Custom Modular Trade Show Exhibits

Custom modular exhibits have some of the same basic features as prefabricate modular systems, such as aluminum extrusions, fabric graphics, and accessory pieces, but are created totally to exhibitor specifications.

Designs can range from the simple to the complicated. Custom modular displays are popular among exhibitors because they combine the ease of setup and adaptability of a prefabricated modular system with the eye-catching beauty of a custom-designed booth. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, these booths may need expert installation.

Rental Trade Show Display

Rental trade show displays are displays that are entirely or partially made up of rental hardware components. Rental displays are typically one-third the cost of owning a bespoke exhibit and allow exhibitors to try out multiple designs and layouts without having to buy, store, and maintain a single show. We’ve outlined three major benefits of renting a trade show booth below.

  1. Exists All-in-One System – One of the primary benefits of renting a trade show display is that you have an all-in-one pre-designed rental system. Each rental system provides the characteristics of a custom show at a lower cost. You can put together a fantastic presentation that will be on par with your competition during the event. With the extra benefit of modular and adjustable rentals, you may change up your company’s booth from show to show.
  2. Trying Before Purchasing – When renting a booth, you may combine various features and services. You are not required to agree on a final design. Instead, you may experiment with several combinations to find which one works best for your requirements. If you like the design you’ve chosen, you may buy it.
  3. Cost-Efficient – Rental trade show booths provide convenience and quickness, and they are readily transportable. If you can locate a local professional display partner to rent from, you may save money on shipping and get superior on-site advising.

You are now better able to choose the correct option for your company after researching and learning about the many sorts of trade show displays. If you want to learn more about exhibiting at trade exhibitions, do contact our team or try out our platform demo now.

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