Capture higher engagement with branded storytelling concepts?

AR Business Card acts as a virtual advertisement in itself. Provide valuable information about your brand and the products offered with simple call-to-action and connect-with buttons, all at the same time.

  • Use multimedia for content presentations & sharing contact information removing the tiny space limitation of Printed cards.
  • Get creative, scannable AR business cards with VeeSpaces. Share endlessly without the hassle of reprinting & material wastage.
  • Augment your holograph onto the business card to capture engagement & leads.

Benefits of AR Business Cards

Increased accessibility
AR business cards can be accessed on a variety of devices, making them accessible to a wider audience.
Increased interaction
AR business cards can allow users to interact with the content, providing a more immersive and engaging experience.
Increased engagement
AR business cards can foster increased engagement with potential clients or customers, as they are more likely to remember and interact with the content.
Increased lead generation
AR business cards can provide a call-to-action, allowing users to easily connect with the business or learn more about the products or services being offered.

Learn How to Create AR Business Card with VeeSpaces.
No Mobile App is Needed.

Experience the AR Magic!

Lead Engagement

Capture leads. Create the right engagement for potential customers. Encourage them to explore, experience & your products or services. VeeSpaces AR business card creator is one popular tool to build engagement & turn your prospects into leads with a click.

Increased Appointments

With the AR business card app, you can instantly allow appointment bookings & confirm meeting slots with your audience. Appointment bookings have never been so easy & fun before.

Images & Videos

AR business cards allow you to run videos and show images for a way better engagement than regular business cards ranging from 3D models of your products, product demo videos, brand story videos

Contact details

Share your contact details, call-to-action-buttons, company website with limitless creativity and make an impression that lasts forever.

Social Links

Showcase your social media platforms and how you add value to the viewers' life. Display your products and services to instantly connect.

AR Business Card Creator: How it Works?

At VeeSpaces, we use QR Code image-tracking technology to scan & read business cards. The app also helps to display virtual content related to your brand/business. A great way to promote and advertise your company more interactively!


Choose your Layout

Pick from a range of virtual & customizable content layouts.


Upload Business Card & Content

Upload & share your content as videos, images, logos, URL links, 3D animations, pdfs and more.


Add QR Code Label to Card

Set a scannable QR code tag to the front or rear of your business card.


Trigger Content with QR Codes

Drive your visitors to VeeSpaces mobile browser, where virtual content is accessible with the business card.

No Code

No need to write a line of code or to develop costly app

No App Required

Build immersive AR experiences without need to install any App

Easy to Use

Create an AR experience with just a few Clicks.

One-stop AR Business Cards app Solution for Enterprises

Make a difference with AR Business Cards app to power your company brand story with secured & flexible AR business card maker

Brand Story

We can offer consulting and help creating your brand story for better engagement & attract audiences

Support & Onboarding

At the enterprise level, you get all the necessary onboarding, training, and support for speedy access & better ROI.

VeeSpaces - Who can benefit from AR Business Card app?

  • Companies & Businesses - From corporates to banks & many more enterprises are vastly benefitting from the new trend, AR Business Card App. It’s time to get a branded custom app designed as per your choice or theme.
  • Professionals - Artists & art enthusiasts can try this authentic new approach of mesmerising their audience with our AR app. Share art & contact information seamlessly with your audience via a flexible AR card.
  • Marketing Agencies - Add & share crucial information such as contact information, images, brand logo, social links, videos. instantly via AR business cards. Give your visitors a headshot about your brand & services
  • Brands & Influencers - Win a 5* for your brand with a promotion like never before. Let audience reach out & engage with you via VeeSpaces augmented reality branding & marketing strategies.Business Card Designers: Trigger the AR experience with scannable QR codes. Create & print custom-designed augmented reality business cards for your brand marketing.

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