Better Sales with 3D Product Catalogue

Exhibit your brand/products innovatively with our new 3D sales presentation. Capture perfect visualizations with 3D renderings, augmented reality & give your audience a feature-rich experience. Create realistic 3D presentations of your product plan & sell even before the product is built. Get ready to give your audience the best-in-class product demos at trade show.

3D-AR Presentation

Make your clients see and “feel” your product with VeeSpaces interactive AR. With AR, we bring products to life. Let your audience check out your brand/product in action.

Product Feedback

Receive instant feedback from your audience related to your product or service. With AR, there is no need to wait for longer times, physical demos, or lengthy forms for capturing feedback.

Analytics & Reports

Measure your success as you manage your event. Get niche analytics, reports, and feedback about what worked & what did not in your sales presentation. Make changes instantly, perfect & enhance the performance of your presentations with VeeSpaces.


Let your teams access materials anywhere, anytime via their mobile or web apps. Get the key to explore the complete sales portfolio from the comfort of your homes & personal devices.

CRM Integration

Boost your sales like never before. Extract contacts to your CRM no matter where you are. Get all details automatically uploaded in your mail or system.

Build Your Brand’s AR Product Catalogue with VeeSpaces!

Sales Teams: Leveraging AR Product Demos at an Event

Make your client presentations super realistic & interactive. No need for heavy projectors or massive TVs. Just install the app on your iPad & start presenting to your audience. To enhance the experience, add pdfs images and videos to your presentations.

Sales Teams: Leveraging AR Product Demos at a Conference

Looking to present your heavy lifts, folding doors or glass walls to your audience sitting in another place. Now let your audience virtually try out your products in their space with VeeSpaces AR App. Let them have a look & feel & make a better-informed decision about your product.

Sales Teams: Leveraging AR Product Demos at Client Visits

In any client meetings or product demonstrations, it becomes extremely impossible to give a demo for heavy machinery or large-scale products. In such a case, AR apps can help make sales via virtual try outs, informative PDFs & explanatory videos.

Creating AR Presentations for Trade Show Booth & Experience Centers

Crush the limitations of conventional printed trade materials & physical showrooms with VeeSpaces AR. Create authentic brand stories by integrating products in AR displays. AR experiences are immersive & help brands exhibit their entire catalogue and finest details in a captivating manner.

Creating AR Presentations for Salesforce

Need a powerful, mobile sales presentation tool for your product demos? Try VeeSpaces AR Glasses! They are portable & easy to carry. Transport your audience into a 3D imaginary world with a vast range of enticing product catalogues & value propositions.

AR for Company Trade Show

Carrying heavy products or machinery for demonstrations can be hectic esp. when it comes to industrial, automotive, furniture etc. With a vast range of products to display & a small, limited space, it is impossible to present & showcase to your customers. With VeeSpaces AR, you can host unlimited product demos at a trade show. Exhibit heavy products, cover niche details, features & do more.

AR for Product Demo

Exhibit products or service functionalities endlessly to your audience. Let your audience virtually try out your products & experience their presence in own homes/spaces. With the AR app installed on mobiles or tablets, your audience can get a lifelike visual representation of your products.

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